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Thursday, September 22, 2011

I am up way too late...

I had to get something printed for my girls before school tomorrow so I came to my computer and I've been on here for like 3 hours!  You know how it is, the house is quiet and I actually have time for myself.  So I thought I'd take the time to read some blogs and write a post of my own.

I've been reading my blog list posts but haven't commented as much as I used to.  I hope all my blogger friends still know I keep you in my thoughts and prayers!

Life is so different and fun and crazy and hectic.  I would love to have a best friend here to call and talk about things more often.  I find that I crave that interaction and relating.  Yet, I am blessed with wonderful friends who tolerate my ramblings and long emails.

Having teens is so much fun, yet it requires SO much emotional effort than when they were little.  I have so much more appreciation for my own sweet mother and all she did for me, most of which I did not recognize or truly appreciate until now.  I can see that in my own teens now.  But they are good kids with strong amazing spirits and I feel blessed to be their mother.

My younger daughter is taking a foods class at school and she is learning to make some tasty things.  Things like cookies, brownies, cobblers, pancakes, etc.  I have already been guilted into eating some of her delicious creations here at home.

The other day she made cookies and then rainbow cupcakes.  All night I thought about how I knew I would eat way too many of those if they were in the house.  So I got up early and wrapped all those cookies in little containers and all the cupcakes in a paper bowl.  Then,  as my kids and husband left for school and work, they each got a goodie bundle to share with their friends and co-workers.

How Brilliant is that?  I felt so good!  I had successfully thwarted myself from the oppressing GUILT I would have felt AFTER I would have eaten most if not all those sugar bombs had they been left in the house.  I was FREE to enjoy my day eating only healthy foods.

Or so I thought...

When my older daughter got home from school, I asked her if she enjoyed sharing the cookies I sent.  Now this daughter LOVES to share treats with friends so I was sure she'd have a fun story to tell.  But she only shared two cookies and pretty much forgot about the rest of them.  I thought she ate the rest herself... but no, they were there in her back pack.

OH NO!!!


I was really HUNGRY when she told me that.

Drat!  Those cookies were enjoyed by me with a glass of milk and devoured in less than 5 minutes.  They were so good.  And then I didn't feel so successful anymore.  I think my feelings of brilliancy got swallowed with the cookies and milk. (At least it was fat free milk)

If I would have paused for a few minutes to think before I dived into her back pack, I COULD HAVE saved them for when my son got home and quickly gave them to him.  Or gone out and tried to find some neighbors I haven't met and introduced myself and gave them the cookies.  Heck, we have dogs now so I could have given them to the dogs (except they shouldn't eat choc. chips).  I could even have crumbled them up and shoved them down my disposal yet that seems kind of wasteful.  They did have some of my whole wheat flour in them.  So maybe they were kind of healthy?

No.  I can't buy that.

But anyway.  Alas, I am so evidently human that I can only laugh.  Laughing is funner than crying and crying just gives me a headache anyway!  I certainly don't need a headache.

I think I will encourage my daughter to learn to make main dish meals now.  Ones that are healthy and nutritious.  I certainly would love to taste test those ones.  But I am happy she is learning and getting excited about actually doing something in the kitchen.  What's a mom to do?

Saturday, my older daughter and I are going on a bike ride with some other young women clear up the valley on a 15 mile trek.  I am looking forward to that.

Have a healthy and fabulous weekend my friends.  Remember to PLAN ahead and make good healthy choices!!  You are worth that.  Life is good!  XOXO ~Margene


Bluezy said...

Cooking is fun and your daughter looks happy. I have great childhood memories of being allowed to cook. I personally take quality time in my grand kids in the kitchen. The love cracking those eggs and stirring LOL. They are 5 and almost 7. The seven year old is an expert pancake flipper with his sister soon to follow.

gracies tough journey said...

Cooking is so fun. I could not ever get my daughter to get interested in it. But my son, he loves cooking. This became such a blessing this week when I was sick. I threw some meat in the crockpot to make spag sauce for the family then laid down. He comes in and asked me if he could finish the sauce up and I said oh yes please. He preceed to cut up veggies and tomatoes and made a wonderful meal which included the spag and garlic bread. Bless his heart. Of course, I couldnt really eat any. But what a blessing!!!!

gracies tough journey said...

Oh my, I forgot to say what I was really going to say. Your daughter is so cute. She is the splitting image of you. What a treasure you have there.

Julie said...

Mike had a blast in cooking and learning all those new recipes and making and baking at home. We shared with anyone and everyone we possible could so I wouldn't eat them all but I know I made a dent in most of the creations. You daughter is beautiful, so much like her mama.
Remember life is about learning and you're learning each and every day how to deal with things. So you're not perfect, we're not suppose to be, there's only 1 perfect person and one day we'll meet him but until then just keep learning.
Take care my friend. God bless you!!

Bring Pretty Back said...

Excellent idea to start cooking with your daughter - and healthy meals. The cookies - I know!!!! It was brownies for me this week. UGH!
Have a pretty day!

Kimberlynn said...

Well I for one am so glad I heard from you. It was such a nice welcome back after being gone for so long. I've missed you girl. The more I read of your blog, the more I realize how much we have in common. Your last post really did it. No only do I mill my own grains and bake my breads (like you), but I also have food storage. It's good to know these things about you. It's also good to see you're doing so well maintaining. Maybe one day I can join you in this too!!!

Love to you sweet friend!!!

Joy said...

Cookies are hard to pass up, especially homemade one!

Keep focused on your plan my friend!! Have fun riding your bike!!

Miss you!!!!!

Michele said...

hindsight is always better than foresight. Chubby McGee posted a tip about a week ago that helped her pass on some yums: go in the bathroom. take all your clothes off and take a picture. That will be good motivation to move along and past teh treats!

downsizers said...

I remember once before I retired from teaching bringing home so many baked treats from kids at school at Christmas. It was the last day of school before break and I had cookies, fudge, chocolate covered cherries, and all that. On the way home I stopped in town on Main Street, got out, and put all of it in one of the big trash cans. I knew what would happen if I took it home. I have not always been proud of the decisions I have made concerning food believe me. I can identify with so much of this post. Being caught off guard at a hungry time can mean disaster. I agree - start cooking the healthy stuff with your daughter.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you did so well! You did--it's not your fault those cookies made their way back home!

Who could think quickly enough to come up with all of those things that you thought of later in this post--with rebounding chocolate chip cookies looking up at you?

You were caught unaware by a problem you thought you had solved. Give yourself a pass and march on, girlfriend.