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Friday, July 23, 2010

Yay... I got an award!!

I was awarded "The Versatile Blogger" award from an awesome blogger and lady: Debby at Deb will be FREE! Thank you Debby - you are truly an amazing woman!

I am supposed to thank the person who gave me this award (done), tell 7 things about myself (below), nominate 10 newly discovered blogs (below), and then let them know about the award (will do).

7 things about me:
1. I am 5 foot 3 inches (pretty much a shorty).
2. I enjoy making lists, planning things and being organized.
3. I love cats and dachshunds (we raised them when I was a child) but I have no pets right now :(
4. I discovered salmon a few years ago and have a new love for fish now!
5. I love having friends and really cherish the few that I have!
6. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ and get a lot of joy from serving in the church.
7. Overall, I feel that I am very different, weird, often immature & silly - but I am very devoted to my family and friends.

10 Blogging buddies I nominate:
Diane at It's Time
Veronica at Losing the Weight


Sam said...


Anonymous said...

:D You're welcome! And thanks for the kind words. :D Right back at ya. Deb

Lucy said...

Ah, thanks! You are so kind!!

The recipe for the low carb muffin and banana bread are on my blog - simply click on the tag at the top "Lucy's L.C Kitchen..."

Thanks again for the award!!

Jennifer said...

Yaaay Margene!!! Congrats on your award and Thanks for mine!!!! YOu are so sweet. Thanks for supporting my friend. She is a great girl and I am so happy she is excited to better herself. I know your support will help.


Lesia said...

Hurray for you!smile.

ladyofthehouse said...

Congratulations!! and Thank you!!!

I can so relate to your '7 things'!

Thank you again and have a wonderful day!!
diane :)