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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I keep checking...

...The scale wondering if its tricking me and if this time it will be above that 200 pound mark... and so far... it's always still in Onederland. I can't tell you how victorious that makes me feel!!!

We have been having these YUMMY things: These are from the Medifast Pancake packet.
We take 2 Medifast chocolate chip Pancake packets, add 1/4 cup egg beaters, 1/2 cup water and 1 t. Baking powder... and we get 4 waffles from that (2 each meal). Then we put some heated up Walden Farms SF syrup and it tastes sinful!! What a yummy treat!

Below on the left shows a salad and shrimp Lean and Green I had the other day with fat free tarter sauce. I just sauteed the shrimp to warm it up. Nice.

For the first time yesterday, I had my Lean and Green for LUNCH! I went out with my dear friend, who is moving out of state saturday (little sniffles), and we had our last Gals Lunch together at Applebees. I had the "Peppercorn Steak" above right. I had them hold the potatoes and just give me veggies. I didn't eat the carrots (they are off plan for me right now), but enjoyed the broccoli and zucchini without butter and savored every bite of that steak!!

I quite enjoyed having my L&G for lunch. I ate the rest of my medifast meals throughout the afternoon and my last meal were two waffles my man made. I may do my L&G for lunch more often now. :)


Kristina said...

Onederland! FAB!

I have an award for you over at my blog:


Jennifer said...

Okay....I just came off MF not that long ago and now there is an option for PANCAKES?!!!!! Wow, I am totally jealous that I didnt get to have these when I was on!!! And chocolate chip?!?! What has happened since I have left the world of Medifast?!?!??! You are doing so well Margene and I am so proud of you!!!

And on a side note...thanks for supporting my friend Karen. She is a great girl. support does wonders in the world of weight loss doesnt it?!


Unknown said...

Great job...You and the hubs are soooo inspiring.

And I'll take some of them choco chip waffles...I LOVE ME SOME CHOCO CHIP ANYTHING!! :O)

divad said...

I should have ordered that tonight at Applebees, but I was bad, very bad! :)

Enjoy those 100's...they're here to stay! :)

Overweight in SoCal said...

Hi I left you the lovely Versatile Award on my blog. Please check it out~

Sam said...

I am seriously SOOOOO excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am about 16lbs away, and you have just totally inpsired me to get there!!!! BIG CONGRATS!!!!!

Sarah said...

Good for you guys, you are doing so great. Keep it up!