Our Quest to change our lives began in Feb. 2010 and we lost 224 lbs. We slowly gained a lot of that weight back and we're now on another journey for weight loss and better health using Bright Line Eating. This is the story of our continuing Journey. .
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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Week 27 - My Happy Man!

Last Week I lost 2 pounds and my hubs lost 5 pounds!!! He has pushed through his hurdle of getting past that 220 range. I took his pic this morning... as he was dancing and flexing around in his glee... what a comparison. I have my happy man back!

Feb. 2010: 300 lbs / Today Aug. 2010: 210 lbs
90 pounds GONE, BABY!!!

I am learning SO much. I’ve been reading Dr. A’s Habits of Health book (the path to permanent weight control and optimal health) along with the companion guide. This is like the mental side to the losing weight which I NEED. It’s helping me learn to change my bad habits to healthy ones so that I can be and live with OPTIMAL health the rest of my life. There is SO much in this book... I wish I read it years ago. I HIGHLY recommend these books!

I’ve also learned, that on the Take Shape For Life Program (using Medifast food), I can’t rationalize my portions and sneak this and that into the plan, or I WILL drop out of “fat burning” mode. It’s calculated so specifically, with the nutrition, calories, carbs, and fat... that adding a snippet in here and there puts it off balance. The last thing I want to do is put my body in “starvation mode” where it will hold on to my fat instead of burning it. If my carbs go higher, my hunger and cravings increase and if the calories go higher, I no longer am using my fat stores to burn.

So both my man and I are RECOMMITTING to stay TRUE to this plan. Because, it WORKS!! And it’s NOT HARD to do. The Medifast food takes all the guess work out of it and they taste great. I just had let myself “eyeball” my portions (for my lean & greens) instead of measuring, and add a bite of this or that... you know how it goes. I even had some beef jerky as part of my lean the other day, even though that is not on plan at this stage. I Need to and Want to stay ON PLAN exactly... and not drag out getting this weight off. So stating this on my blog here, will help me remember and stay committed. :) And we both are very DETERMINED.

I sold a ton of my “favorite” big clothes this last week... the ones I was saving and still wearing but they are huge on me. And I am letting them go. I would give them away but right now money is tight. You should see my bare closet right now! One of the ladies I sold a ton of them to, came to my house from the bus in a motorized wheel chair. She was very big and I wanted to share this program with her and let her know her life could be better, but I sensed she wasn’t ready or interested. She left with a garbage bag filled to the brim with my clothes, holding them on her lap and by the feet of that wheel chair. But she was happy with the good deal I gave her. It was a reminder to me where I was headed, though. I remember using the wheel chair at Walmart a few times when I was too tired to walk around and in too much pain. It is hard work to be obese!! (and I still am, technically).

I had tuna for the first time on this plan. This is 2 cans (total 6 oz.) of sodium free tuna from Trader Joes with a little fat free mayo, Mrs. Dash, and some celery - along with my salad. It would taste good in a lettuce wrap, too, I think. :) Happy Weekend... How is YOUR plan going this week?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for finding me so that I, in turn, could find you! Congratulations to you and your hubby both on the great job you are doing! That is so awesome! My hubby is also losing weight with me and I think that is making a big difference this time. I love what I have read so far of your blog, but still have lots more to read. And yes, "believing it's possible IS half the battle"!

Lucy said...

Holy Toledo Margene!! What a major difference!

Kudos to you for sticking to your guns w/your eating choices. It's all going to pay off :)

Anonymous said...

congratulations to BOTH of you! Woohoo! What a difference.

I got rid of most of my fat clothes a month or so ago. It was kind of hard to let go of the "favorites".

I kept some that were just starting to get roomy--they are now too big to wear and I've moved them to the spare room closet.

I've never felt so good about an empty closet. :D

We're doing this thing!

lynnss1 said...

Hi Margene...

There is definitely something liberating about getting rid of "fat clothes" even if it leaves the closet pretty empty. Money's tight for us these days, too. I was so excited to find 2 pairs of jeans on clearance at Old Navy the other week for just $9 each. Lots of sales these days, so you should be able to find some bargains to hold you over until you're ready for even smaller clothes.

You both are doing so great! Have a good on plan week!


Mark said...

Your husband is making awesome progress and looks so much healthier. It's great that you can take this journey together :)

Lesia said...

What a great accomplishment. You two ROCK!

Jennifer said...

Margene- you two are totally rocking this Medifast program! I am so happy for you! I cant help but wonder what I was doing that my weight was so stubborn when I was on it! I am so happy for you and so very proud! I just love your blog and wish you all the success in the world!!!


Bring Pretty Back said...

SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS! WOW! I am going to get these books , thank you for sharing!
Also , thank you so much for your comment on my blog! THANK YOU!
Have a pretty day!

Average Weight Loss Medifast said...

How wonderful for you both, your hubby is looking great, keep us posted, see you next week.