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Thursday, December 26, 2013

For Things To Change...

Any readers still reading this blog?

Yes, I have been absent and yes I have been avoiding my blog. 

Some quick things that have gone on lately:
1. My oldest turned 21!  (Amazing since I don't seem to have aged!  lol)
2. My daughter won state champs in her marching band!
3. Brent and I celebrated our 25th Wedding anniversary!  (See what cool thing I did - I pinned it here)

Okay, Keeping it REAL.

I have had same huge ups and downs in my life since moving here to Utah two years ago.  Slowly, I've let my own health slip down in priority as the challenges have crept in.  My knee injury  has set me back from basketball and running.  As I've missed out on those fun things, I've also slipped into some old negative thinking, and slowly packed on some weight.  Grrr.  

Here's a clue that my body has been growing.  After driving errands and shopping one day, I got home to realize I had a little tear in my pants... like a gaping rip tear.   Dang!

How did I not notice this?  How did someone not tell me?  Maybe they thought it was a fashion statement.  Maybe I'm glad no one told me, actually.  And I did get a big laugh from this, um... I'm realizing that although  I've made several attempts to jump back into a healthier eating and exercising regime with some success, overall  I'm finding it difficult to keep it consistent.

So, the hubs and I have decided that 2014 is our year again!  

Our year to get back our health 
(before it gets away from us),
and to get back our 
and our MOJO.  

It is now our biggest priority again!

I'm so grateful for the success that we've already had, and knowing that IT CAN HAPPEN.  Believing it's possible is really half the battle.  It's about wanting it bad enough.  It's about focusing on the GOAL and not the reasons or excuses.

To jump start us, we are going on a minimum 10-day Juicing fast (or feast as some call it).  This will help clean out our bodies of toxins and help re-set our cravings. 

We got inspired by this video "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" a documentary by Joe Cross.  Have you seen this?

I've also been concerned about our cancer risks.  My neighbor friend just passed away after a hard battle with cancer.  Also my dad died of lymphoma cancer at age 64, and his mom died from breast cancer.  My own sister is a breast cancer survivor. 

I know that the way we eat can put us at more risk for getting cancer. What we eat affects our moods, our health, our looks, and our ability to think and focus.

I watched this video about cancer which I found very interesting - they do try to have you buy an info kit, but just watching the video is very enlightening.  It comes down to what we eat and several foods contribute to cancer and several foods help prevent cancer.  Why don't our doctors focus on what we eat?  Why do they always go to prescribing meds?  Okay, that's another topic!!

I got a juicer for Christmas! 

So, after our 10-day (or longer) jump start juicing jamboree, we plan on continuing on with organic fresh/raw veggies and fruit, smaller portion meals, and adding in some Medifast meals as well.  We still love the Medifast products and the 5:1 Take Shape For Life weight loss system that has saved our lives already.

Who's with me for big changes in 2014?  

What are your plans and goals?

I want to go ROCK CLIMBING again, I want to get my knee healed and enjoy BASKETBALL again.  And I want to NOT have my pants rip again.  lol

Here's my motto:  
For things to change, I must change.  
For things to get better, I must get better!!



Lucas Moore said...

Precaution is better than cure. It comes down to what we eat and several foods contribute to cancer and several foods help prevent cancer. Mangosteen juices are the best for the cancer cure.

Goji Berry Juice

Karen said...

Cheering you on, for re-focusing on yourself.

Always, Always, always put yourself first in your health, mind, and time. Seems like it's selfish- but not really.

I've found it's the best way to give to other people and you'll end up having more time for your wonderful family.

Good luck and kudos to you for getting back on track. It's a dynamic process. Keep going.

Christine said...

Margene!!! So happy to hear from you...yes! I am still reading!
I love your plan. I too am planning on getting healthy in 2014 and I look forward to doing it with you!

MaryFran said...

Welcome back! I've wondered where you have been and how you are doing! 2014 is the year...for you and your husband and for ME! We are all going to re-lose this weight!

Doctors...I personally think that they don't want us to be healthy. If we are healthy we are not visiting them paying for their lifestlyes! So therefore they don't focus on the food....the natural things that will make us feel sooo wonderful!

Karla said...

2013 added some pounds on me as well..... Here's to getting back to our goal weightis in 2014!!!!!

We..... Can......do.....this!!!!!!!

Maren said...

The good thing about a new year is that you can make whatever you want of it. You got this! :D

Julie said...

Oh I am so hoping 2014 is a good year. However I know that it's going to be a hard year but I am going to be putting myself up there in the taking care of because if I don't, well how can I help other.
Juicing does sound interesting and your post after this one they even look tasty. I only have a normal blender so not sure how that would work for that. Might have to do some reading and see.
Good luck to you and Bret. I know you guys can do this and feeling full of vim and vigor.
Blessings and thank you so much for stopping by.
2013 was a very difficult year, 2014 will be better.