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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What YOU gonna do in 2012?

Hi friends!  So our party last Saturday went GREAT!  We had over 30 people come and had just enough seating for everyone. (whew!)
The White Elephant Game was a riot!  
For some people, hosting a party is stressful, but for me, it's like a "fun energy" that I love!  I'm SO THANKFUL we have a home that can accommodate a get-together like that.  
I think it really helped us to have this party to get to know our neighbors around here... they all knew each other and it was us that got to see their personalities more in a laid back setting.  It was good!

So have you thought about what you want to accomplish or do in 2012?

I have been thinking about it.  First, we live in this great little valley, and every day I see this mountain.  You can see our group of home down there at the bottom of it. 

The other day I decided that I want to climb that mountain!  I don't know the name of it, but next summer when it's warmer, I'm gonna climb it!  You wanna come climb it with me?
 I can't wait to see the other side and take pictures.  I want to look at that mountain and know that I conquered it!

Next, I did a crazy thing!  
I signed up to run a 1/2 marathon next May in Oregon!!!
 AAAAAHHHHHKKKKK!!!  I feel so crazy.  Alive and Crazy!
I've only run a 5k and that's like 3 miles.  A half marathon is 13 miles.  I am striving to be a rockstar like my friend, Jennifer, who just ran a half marathon not that long ago.  I haven't even been running for a while so I have tons of training to do!

Also, I am going to do some indoor rock climbing!  I have only tried it once several months ago but loved it.  I posted a video of me climbing here.  

I recently got a groupon deal to go unlimited for 2 weeks and I plan to do that sometime early next year.  How fun is that!!

Another thing I want to do sometime in 2012 is to ride a horse!  I never have done that and even if I wanted to, I was always too heavy.  I want to do everything I couldn't do before due to my weight.  

And of course, I want to maintain my weight and keep a healthy lifestyle.  I look forward to biking when it gets warmer too.  And boy do I miss playing basketball like I was with some awesome women back in Oregon.  Maybe I can find some here that would want to play with me.  It can be hard to get people out of their comfort zones... I already tried to get someone to rock climb with me.  But I'm not going to let that stop me from doing those things I'd like to do!  I'm going to defy gravity!!

I still feel so blessed and so thankful to be out of my prison.  I cry when I hear the song on my video below... I don't want to ever forget where I've been.  Freedom from the bondage of obesity is the most liberating and joyful feeling ever for me!  No going back!!
It's NEVER too late to change for the better. 


Kimberlynn said...

Life is good!!! I've missed you Margene...life has been crazy here, but I'm still at it. It's good to see you embracing life in your new town. And I can't wait to see pics from the other side of the mountain...go girl.


affectionforfitness said...

Hi Margene! What an incredibly amazing journey you've had--shown on your video.

:-) Marion

Rettakat said...

I've seen this before, yet it STILL is powerful and made me cry. I am so happy for you!

Christine said...

I'm going to make goal.

Lori said...

I am so glad that your party went well!

For 2012, I'm going to walk 1000 miles and I'm going to get to my goal weight. It will take all year to walk 1000 miles, it won't take as long to get to my goal weight.

Christine said...

Amazing video! You are a true inspiration and I love reading your blog entries...one of these days I will get back blogging, between being tired and having morning sickness along with everyday life I just never have time to document what is happening in my life!

I love reading about your journey of maintenance because this is the area I need to learn....I can lose the weight but never seem to keep it off!


MaryFran said...

Great post! You inspire me!

My 2012 goals....to get back to my goal weight and to let free the person that I've allowed to be bullied and locked up, hidden!

Jennifer said...

Oh how I have missed you Margene! You are so blessed in so many ways! Your home is gorgeous. This was not the first time I saw your video but it gave me goosebumps, and hope that I will get there one day with my weight loss journey. I feel blessed to have "met" you.


Julie said...

Love your party picture. Your goals are very exciting.
I haven't worked up my goals yet other then becoming a runner.
Keep it up Margene. You are awesome.

Becca said...

I loved watching that video. You look so much younger now aside from all the other changes. I am so proud of you, and thank you for always being such a huge inspiration to me!

dawne said...

Thank you for reminding me of the hope that lies in being forever His. That is my favourite song - I often lead it as a worship leader, and I am claiming the truth as I work towards my goal.

Sandrelle said...

Margene, loved the video!! You have done amazing things. Would love to get together with you and you can ride my horse!! email me: thefitfix@ymail.com :)