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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's December!

Happy December!!
It’s happy because we make it happy, right?  
My friend from Oregon sent me a book after a phone conversation we had where I shared how lonely I felt here... 
I had to laugh when I read the title:

It’s by an author that I’ve even met!  She’s fun and witty and it has been a nice little read... reminding me that I have the power to overcome and that I can be happy despite my circumstances.  
So Brent and I decided to throw a Christmas Party here.  It’s this saturday and so far we have about 30 people rsvp that they are coming.  Should be way fun!  I love party’s and this one includes white elephants and some fun games.  I hope to get to know more people and laugh a whole lot in the process!  (But not laugh at them, mind you - I’ll laugh next to them!)
I had a dream the other night that I went majorly off plan and ate a bunch of stuff I shouldn’t and was feeling so bad... then I woke up and realized it was a dream!  Yay!!!  I didn’t even have to go there because it didn’t happen.  
Don’t you just LOVE the feeling this time of year?  The smiles from friends, the Christmas Music, the good-feeling shows on TV.  I am determined to NOT make it about merchandise and shopping.  I told my kids that we’re going to have a service auction in our family and to be thinking about acts of service they will want to contribute.  They seem upbeat about this.  My goal is to really bring in the Spirit of Christ and make it about Him.  I am feeling anti-santa this year.  Too much Santa... maybe it’s just me but  I just don’t see how encouraging my kids to think of everything they want helps them be kind, unselfish people...  I still love gift giving, it's just I get tired of seeing and hearing about Santa more than who's birth we're really celebrating!
Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox.  I am also determined to stay ON PLAN through the holiday’s.  I’ve done this before.  I know it’s about focussing on loved ones and not the food.  I will give myself options and not be so rigid that I encourage a binge, but mostly I need to keep away from high sugar foods.  Hello knox blox!!  lol  How do you plan to handle your eating choices this month?
Here are some Really Good Tips from Dr. Anderson (co-founder of Take Shape For Life) that I thought were valuable to share.  Note the 3 possible ways of dealing with weight loss this season - #3 is NOT an option for me:
Here are some tips to help you. Just think of the Habits of Health!
  • Work closely with your Health Coach. Contact them at least once a week.
  • Get clear on what you want: read chapter 4 in “Dr A’s Habits of Health” 
  • Get adequate sleep
  • Schedule your time: before you go to sleep each night, make a list of things to do for tomorrow. Don’t forget to schedule some quiet time for yourself, even if it is just a 15 minute walk or reading time! Also, get some exercise time in. Again, it can be as simple as a 15 or 30 minute walk.
  • Be aware of your financial budget and stick to it.
  • Decrease stress and your exposure to disease: practice good health hygiene such as good hand washing and being aware of people around you. Try to decrease your exposure to sick people!
Weight Loss During This Time
You have 3 possible ways of dealing with your weight goals during this busy time.
  1. Stay on program. Whether on the 5 & 1 weight loss program, transition or maintenance, follow the outlined protocols. This can bring a sense of control to you during this sometimes busy, chaotic time. If you are on the 5 & 1 weight loss phase, you will continue fat burning. This can enable you to have increased energy, positive weight loss results, and level blood sugars and hormone levels through the holidays!
  2. Decide to drop out of fat burn and use a 3 & 3 program, more of a maintenance program. This can help prevent binge eating and major weight gain. You may lose the increased energy of fat burn, but if you are eating healthy choices and portions every 2-3 hours and getting adequate nutrition as well as sleep, you should have enough energy to get through your schedule. Remember, if you have any weight loss, it will be slow. (Read chapters 8, 9, & 10 in “Dr A’s Habits of Health” and do Lesson 9 in “Living a Longer, Healthier Life.”)
  3. Practice “no control, no focus”: you will most likely experience weight gain and many other symptoms of an un-healthy eating plan. Most likely you will have decrease energy and feelings of lethargy or tiredness. If prone, you may experience headaches and may have stomach discomfort. Your body will be exposed to greater stress and inflammation. Your blood sugar levels may have major swings. You will not be in a fat burning state.
What are your plans for the holidays?  I’d love to hear your ideas.
Life is GOOD.  XOXox ~Margene


affectionforfitness said...

Hi! I like this post because this what needs to be absorbed by my mind. For control, I like to think of it as having power. And the problem is that I've felt overwhelmed for many days in a row for work. I'm not on a roll right now but keep trying.

:-) Marion

E. Jane said...

Gret post, Margene, with great tips. I love your outgoing personality. I can tell that you just love people and enjoy interacting with them. I'm going to following many of your ideas--they are very truthful and very basic to remaining on program.

Absolutely, Positively Josie said...

Happy December to YOU, Margene! And thank you so much for the very kind and enlightening comment on my blog recently. I love the analogy of letting down the shield and letting the love flow, and then praying that God heals the hurt that may come after. I love that because it takes *us* out of the equation. We know those arrows are possible, likely, even. But to pray like that is the essence of Christianity.

I'm excited for your party. I hope we get a good update on it! =) I'm glad your dream was a dream. I've had that dream before,and I always wake up feeling like it was such a close call, cause sometimes a dream just feels real!

Merry, merry, merry Christmas, Margene!

Lori said...

I've had dreams where I've eaten an entire cake or something crazy like that. Most of the time it would be an accident, like I didn't realized cake was in the salad. When I discovered what I'd done, I'd be so upset and try to figure out how to fix it before weigh in. When I woke up I'd be so glad it was a dream.

I tried to use the dreams to strengthen my resolve to stay with the program. I didn't want those feelings of distress in real life.

Glad you know you are doing well and trying again with the party. I hope you have a great time.

Julie said...

Because I'm having sugar problems this year....it's weird it has never happened before but for some stupid reason this is my time...I'm not baking. I asked my daycare parents to bring the cookie trays and sweets and when they all go home I'll make up what's left into different plates for them. I know, I feel bad for Mike, no big cookies and candies but he can go see grandma and great grandma, they have them. I just am not as strong as sometimes so this year will just not have the temptations here.
I'll make it, I know I will. I can be strong and I will get stronger...just not so much right now.
Take care Margene and have the best party ever. Blessings my friend!!