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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Week 51 - We had BREADSTICKS!!

Okay, I did not lose or gain this last week... the scale did not budge for me but stayed right on 148.  At least I don't have to bother changing my ticker up there on the left!  BUT the hubs jumped up again to 203... a 4 pound gain.  Ahhhh... so discouraging for him.  He stayed mostly on plan with just a little snitching of the pb and lots of soda.  I really think the stress is sabotaging him because it also brings on lack of sleep.  And getting enough SLEEP is a big component of weight loss and health!  Nevertheless, it's onward we go sticking to plan!

Last night I made cauliflower bread sticks that I found here on Sandy's Kitchen blog and they were SO FLIPPIN' GOOD!  Thank you SO much Sandy for that idea!!  I made the breadsticks and marinara sauce exactly from her recipe and it was divine.  The hubs was in heaven.  It makes a complete lean and green too, with the egg beaters and cheese counting as the lean, and the cauliflower and tomato counting as the green.

They filled me up too, too and totally satisfied me as my meal. 

I am also excited about making some cauliflower crusts and freezing them like Sandy shows on her blog.  So yesterday, I cut up 5 cauliflower heads and put them through my food processor and today I will be baking them into crusts and freezing them.  I'm excited to have that as another quick meal to make that gives me and Brent more variety.  It's just making that crust for the cauliflower pizza that takes more time, so if I have crusts ready in my freezer, I'm sure I will make them more often!

I have been reading Dr. A's Habits of Health book and thought all week about sharing tid bits of what I'm learning on here.  I will do that this next week.  Such great information.

I am also excited about joining a contest on the Facebook Medifast page here.  It's the "Happy After" contest for those who have reached their goal and submit their success story into Medifast.  10 winners will be flown out for a professional makeover, shopping session with personal stylist, a photo shoot and a chance to appear in Medifast's national advertising.  I would LOVE for Brent and me to reach our goal and enter this contest!!  Wouldn't it be cool if we BOTH won?  I am most excited about the professional make over and shopping as I have never had that... and I've been so large for so long, it would be SO amazing.  I would never even imagine myself in such a position a year ago.  It's like a dream.  So there is another motivation to reach our goal soon.   I am praying for my man!!
Have a great weekend, my friends.  Enjoy life because it is GOOD!  xoxoXO~Margene


Shabby Chic Mom- Susie said...

Those look fantastic. My mom in law makes some delish dish with cauliflower. Im going to have to get the recipe and lighten it up
Good luck, I hope you both win a make over!!

Anonymous said...

148! That's a beautiful number! Wow.

And the breadsticks. I'm going to try them. The Cauli pizza was soo good. I hadn't thought about freezing them. The time involvement in making them often made me decide against having it. I'll check that site out. thanks!


A Journey to a new me... said...

You both can do it!! You've come SO far and it would be GREAT if you both won the make over! a lil pampering goes a long long way!! Keep up the great work...I'll have to give the califlower bread stix..sounds yumyy!

Debbie said...

Thanks for your posts on my blog and I would love to have the recipe for those breadsticks. Have a great weekend and your pictures look great.

Julie said...

You have done so awesome and have so much to teach others from your journey it would be so fantastic for you guys to win the make over and teach stuff too.
You really are an inspiration Margene.
Take care and keep up the great work. Someday when I get brave I'll try califlower again, to me it's like peas, really gross but since I am a grown up I could try it again and just maybe like it.
God bless you my friend.

Joy said...

I am checking out those breadsticks!!

It would be so awesome to win the contest. If anyone can do it - you guys can!!! You make a great team. You have done so well - you deserve to win!!

Keep focused!

Sunshine Mama said...

I think it's great that you and your husband are doing this together. Look how much you two have accomplished! This is my first time to your blog and I have been having fun reading up on you both. I also like your name mom to the fourth power.