Our Quest to change our lives began in Feb. 2010 and we lost 224 lbs. We slowly gained a lot of that weight back and we're now on another journey for weight loss and better health using Bright Line Eating. This is the story of our continuing Journey. .
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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Week 24 ~ on the 24th of July even!

I lost 3 pounds this last week and my man stayed the same. I am SOOO close to "Onederland" I can almost taste it.... feels like it's taking so long to get there but it will be so SAWEET when I do!! I loved the "learning list" that Sam came up with over at Believe in yourself... the main two being: 1. Believe that you can do it. 2. Don't Stop.
Okay.... I think those two things will be my new Mantra!!
Believe that you can do it, and Don't Stop!!

And I tell ya... this week, for the first time in 24 weeks, I felt a little food deprived. I let myself, for a time, feel sorry that I'm not eating out and having fancy breakfasts at IHOP or having more fun lunches with friends and for a day or two, I felt a little pity party.

BUT that's OVER now because I feel SO much better than I ever did!! Goodbye to all that is old and negative and sorrowing... and HELLO to my new healthy, happy, positive future!!
We've been doing a lot more on the BBQ this summer. Here is some chicken we did with some friends and this time, I just used Walden Farms BBQ sauce and it was simple and yummy! My daughter made that big salad... doesn't it look fresh and good?

I made cauliflower pizza again... yum! (see recipe in a previous post) And here is a taco salad where I just put my taco meat (lean ground beef & ground turkey breast with a little taco seasoning and tomato sauce) on a bed of lettuce with some veggies and sprinkled a little Walden Farms Ranch dressing on top. I did this same thing again with a little less meat, and added some low fat cheese. I enjoyed it!

Here I added my Orange Sauce to my chicken and then put it on top of my sauteed zucchini and mushrooms. And, we are loving the Kale chips. Here is the Kale all cut with a little olive oil on them and sea salt, ready for the oven (at 350 degree for approx. 15 min.)... they come out so tasty and with a crunch that kind of melts in your mouth!

Here is to another week of BELIEVING THAT WE CAN DO IT, and NOT STOPPING!!!


divad said...

Kale chips??? I must try this. Sounds fantastic. Amazing 3 pounds loss and you are SO close to Onderland. There's no greater feeling that crossing that line for good. Way to go!

Laurie said...

So excited for you to get to Onederland!! That's awesome! You are doing fantastic! Thank you so much for the award. Please don't be offended if I don't pass it on like I should. I'm not one to follow those blogging award rules. I truly appreciate it, however. Have a nice weekend!

Lucy said...

THREE POUNDS! WOW!! A Huge Congrats-you deserve it! I"m so glad that feeling (IHOP, et) is over bcs that is NO FUN.

Love the food photos-I make taco salad quite often-it's a favorite in our household. And Kale chips? I'll definitely be trying those out!!


lynnss1 said...


Good for you... down 3 lbs and so close to a monumentous goal!!

You know what? Now that I've switched back to regular food I've found that foods I used to love/crave (like bacon, egg, cheese breakfast sandwiches) are not nearly as good as I remembered and really easy to resist.

You can still have fun lunches with friends if you do your lean/green out. I met 4 girl friends from high school at a restaurant last night. They had burger/fries.. I had a delicous grilled steak salad. My meal was way better than theirs!! Too hot to cook tonight, so we went out. I ordered calypso chicken salad... full of fresh fruit and veggies at Cheese Burgers in Paradise... while hubby and daughter had huge burgers and fries. Had just a little bite of a real amazing burger and that was enough.

Just keep your eye on the goal.. you are doing amazingly well and you won't be on medifast forever. In the meantime, you're discovering how delicious healthy food can be.

Have a great week and see you soon in Onederland!


Anonymous said...

Wahooo, you! Three pounds is fantastic--and Onderland here you come! :D I love that cauliflower pizza, by the way! I have the fixins for it in the kitchen now. Deb

Dianne said...

IHOP's overrated anyway! :P
I love how you can just come up with all these wonderful meals! They all look so good! I wish you could be my own personal chef!

MaryFran said...

Congrats to you on two fronts.

First, yay on the poundage gone!

Secondly, congrats on shaking yourself loose from the self induced pity party. That's a huge accomplishment!

Anonymous said...

Nice work and Congratulations!!!! :)

The food looks extra yummy.