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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Week 21 - Happy Independence Day!!!

HAPPY 4th of July!!! (tomorrow)

It's the end of WEEK 21, and this last week BOTH my man and I lost 4 pounds!! (8 pounds total). That brings me down a total of 74 pounds and my man down a total of 75 pounds! BOOYA!

In celebration, we walked our first 5K this morning before the city parade. It is called the "catwalk" for Cancer Awareness and Treatment. My girls and I walked in honor of my dear sister who is a breast cancer survivor!! My father and my grandmother both died from cancer so it really gave us motivation to walk as well.
(Seriously... is that really my tushie??)

I got all my kids to join us too, except for my oldest son who was at a youth camp. How's that for a former couch-potato, video gaming family?
(Except wait, we still play video games!)

Look at that gorgeous skinny man!!! Hubba hubba!

My little guy held my hand most the way. When he's 16, I doubt he'll do that anymore so I take it while I can get it!! :)

Afterwards, we enjoyed the parade. We have lived in this town over a decade and have NEVER gone to the parade until today. Our old selves would probably still be at home.. IN BED.. or watching the tube. I don't want to miss out on LIFE anymore!! We saw many friends, clapped and cheered, and felt joy and gratitude for our great country and freedoms!
I hope you find a way to Celebrate Life this weekend!!!

A couple of Lean and Green meals this week:

I found myself completely out of all my veggies one night EXCEPT for cabbage. So I grilled up two chicken burgers with sauteed cabbage and it was yummy!

This was delish: sauteed summer squash, fresh cut tomatoes, and some roast beef (from Costco). Loved it!


Lucy said...

Wow! What a joy it was to read this post! So exciting! You are doing so much for your kids-both you and your husband. They will remember this time forever :) And I love the pic of your son holding his mommy's hand-awww! You have the same mindset as I do.."I'll Take it!!" bcs I know it won't be there always (I have a 23yr old whose out of the home).


divad said...

You both look hubba hubba!!! Congrats on great losses! How exciting. You must feel amazing. Enjoy your holiday, enjoying yummy food without over doing it!

WWSuzi said...

What a great loss both you and your hubs had this week!! Congratulations

Deb said...

You should pull up that t-shirt and show off that bootay!
That day looks like it was just loads of fun. Congratulations.

♥ Drazil ♥ said...

Awesome losses - so so happy and inpired by you!

Lesia said...

Only crap Margene, 4 pounds in 1 week! I can't even get 1. The veggies looked great. You family is adorable. And I am so proud of all your hard work.smile.