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Sunday, July 18, 2010

I CAUGHT my Husband CHEATING!!!!! (In the act!)


What is a gal to do when you when her man goes off and does something like this? Do I just ignore it? Do I confront him? (Or do I just take a picture and giggle?)

It’s the end of WEEK 23 and we’re Back from our trip to UTAH! I weighed in upon arriving home today (my birthday)... and I found that I LOST 2 POUNDS!! And my man lost 2 POUNDS!!

[He even had cotton candy... the little sneak! How does he get away with that? Actually, I don’t mind, I can’t stand the stuff... and he didn’t enjoy it anyway.]

But we Both truly enjoyed an amazing trip. We attended the beautiful wedding and reception of our niece... (the reception is where the cotton candy incident happened), and we payed an impromptu visit to my sister-in-law, totally surprising her at a park! Too fun. She, my brother and her family were so responsive to our weight loss and listened to us ramble on about it. They even asked me if I would be their coach if they wanted to do Medifast! I have been considering eventually becoming a coach after I lose ALL my weight but they asked me if I’d be their coach sooner. How cool is that?

It was so fun visiting AND

We both got to ride go carts.

This is the FIRST time I’ve ridden a go-cart since I was a teen... because I’ve been TOO BIG to even fit in one! Yay... I can fit now! The ride was wickedly sweet, to say the least!! Thanks to my nephew who let us ride for free.

We stayed with my friend, Emily, in her gorgeous home up on the hill overlooking both Salt Lake Valley and Utah Valley, and enjoyed her trampoline with the breathtaking views of the mountains. I LOVE the mountains and really miss them. We don't have these here in Oregon!

We spent a whole day exploring Salt Lake City’s “Temple Square” and reminisced our wedding day 21 years ago (awww.. sigh...) and ended our last night with a splurge to the Macaroni Grill for our birthday dinners!

My man had this pizza (yes, off plan), and I had this halibut with veggies in a balsamic vinegar sauce and it was so scrumptious! (ON PLAN!). Isn’t it amazing that my man can eat off plan twice (cotton candy and pizza) and still lose 2 pounds? He rocks!

I made some lettuce taco wraps while we were there and also chicken wraps another night.

We headed home earlier (and gleefully as we shown in the pic above) and surprised our kiddos when they got home from church! (jump out and scare kind of surprise... we’re such mean parents!! tee hee) Overall, it was the best and most memorable “alone” trip we’ve had together, even in a car with no AC and 103 degree weather. I am feeling truly blessed!! :)


lotstolove said...

First off..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Secondly, great job staying on plan on your vacation ( I know how hard that can be!)

divad said...

Happy Birthday! I love the fun you display in your writing and photos. Way to lose! And, men...go figure!

WWSuzi said...

Happy Birthday!! You guys sure know how to have fun :)

Lesia said...

I love reading post like this one. Happy Birthday and the next time you make it to UT will you let me know? I want to meet you. I live in West Jordan. I really don't like the snow or the mountains and wished I lived closer to the Ocean. But this is the life the Lord has given me so I will take it. I totally agree with the whole man eating thing not being fair. What plan are you going to do after Medifast?

Laurie said...

That looked like so much fun! I want a trampoline like that! Glad you were able to stay on plan and LOST 2 pounds on vacation. That's a HUGE accomplishment! Keep it up!

Lesia said...

OK I am penciling in the first week in August so we can hang out. Cowabunga Bay is pricey just to let you know up front. But if you want to go we will go again too. 4 hours is way long enough and its cheaper that way too. Keep me posted on your arrival.smile.

Unknown said...

Congrats to you and the hubs on losing 2 pounds each! And I'm so glad you had a great time (and on for your birthday-bonus!). This medifast thing sounds interesting...I'll have to read up on it next weekend. Take care and have a great great week!

MaryFran said...

First of all... Happy Birthday!

Secondly......YAY on the 2 pounds to each of you!

Last but not least.....I had to giggle at you snapping a picture of your husband cheating with the cotton candy! tee hee hee

Mrs. Tasha said...

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Anonymous said...

:D There's an award for you on my blog, here: http://debwillbethin.blogspot.com/2010/07/versatile-blogger-award-wahoo.html

Your pictures are great! So glad youi had fun.