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Saturday, July 10, 2010

I'm Baaaaaack!!


It may seem like no time has passed since my last post but for me, it’s been been like months ago (see description of “Margene Time” in previous post). I have been gone the last 5 days with my daughters to Girls Camp with the young women in our church.

The camp songs, skits, prizes, flag ceremonies, cheers, new friends made, and watching my girls grow... priceless! It’s been like being in another world ~ fun, hot, exhilarating, uplifting, and exhausting!

This is the path I walked UPHILL 70 yards to my cabin - several times a day! This would have been torture a year ago. This week, it was merely tiring. I had to make that trek down the hill and back up in the middle of the night, EVERY night, to make my middle-of-the-night trip to the commode! That’s because I was drinking close to my 100 oz. of water!! Yea baby!! [This was not fun].

And not only that... I stayed ON PLAN the WHOLE TIME! I think I need a trophy! The SUPER COOL part of the whole meal time was that I was up there with my Wonderful Coach and friend, LaTrease, helping her with the crafts every day and we swapped making meals for each other. So I had a “buddy” on plan with me which made it so nice!

One of the nights, I made this Ginger Glazed mahi mahi with some sauteed zucchini, peppers and cabbage. Loved it.

Another night, LaTrease made these lettuce chicken wraps! Oh my, this is a new favorite!! She mixed up some chopped chicken & chopped celery with some fat free mayo, little mustard, and garlic & herb Mrs. dash. Then scooped a couple larger spoonfuls in an iceberg lettuce “bowl” and then wrapped them up. Cool, crisp, and great for summer and it was deliciously filling!

I wanted to offer a sincere THANK YOU for each of you who have posted comments! I cherish every one and appreciate the kind words and support so much!! It was a treat to come home and read the comments from my last post... brought me to tears. Thank you!

I will be weighing in tomorrow and posting our loss for last week. Weigh in is usually saturday mornings but I wasn’t here this morning so it’s bumped up a day this week. And one last note: “I said a BOOM CHICK A BOOM!”... “I said a BOOM CHICKA ROCKA -CHICKA ROCKA CHICKA BOOM!”... “uh hu - Oh yea - One more time!”


Lucy said...

This post was filled with so much joy! Oh I bet you had a great time w/your daughters.

You are doing so well-super well!! Can't wait to read your weigh in tomorrow!


Lesia said...

You SO deserve that trophy! Way to stay on plan. Those lettuce wraps look very yummy indeed. I have missed your blog. Glad you had fun at girls camp. My little girl will be going next year when she gets into young women's.You look fabulous too.Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog.smile.

Learning to be Less said...

Looks like a great time and super yummy food. I bet you get a pretty good loss after all that!!

Glad you are back!

divad said...

You totally deserve a trophy. So many would throw it all away for a week and eat! Sounds like you got some major exercise in there too!

Lettuce wraps - I am going to try! I LOVE mahi mahi!

Jennifer said...

Dawne took the words from my mouth...YOU TOTALLY DESERVE A TROPHY!!! See...now you are the rockstar! You look great in your pics. Keep up the good work. I am so proud of you!!!


lotstolove said...

OMG! I have not thought about the Booma Chicka song in years! It makes me miss Girl Scout camp so much lol. I also would love the recipe for the Chicken salad! I have been craving something like that for 2 weeks now!