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Saturday, January 4, 2014

One Week of Juicing and Smoothies Now

So today marks the end of a full week of juicing.  
We not only juiced, but we've added in smoothies too.  

For the basic smoothies we do:
* Banana
* Ice
* Other Fruit
* Veggie
* Almond Milk
* Agave (if needed for sweetening)

I usually add 3-4 bananas, and blueberries.  Yesterday I tried fresh pineapple with strawberries and bananas, that was a yummy tart (yet still sweet).  We've limited smoothies to 1 a day.  

And if we've felt a strong urge to munch, we've allowed ourselves a small amount of almonds or cashews.  

So for 1 week we've only been eating fresh vegetables, fruits, and some nuts!  
No processed foods.
Nothing else but fresh fruits, veggies, and nuts.    

Results so far:

* Brent has lost 12 pounds !
* I have lost 8 pounds !
* Our hunger level has gone down 
* My taste buds are being revived
I can taste subtleties and enjoy them
* More energy in general
* It's easier to feel positive
* Our kids are showing interest in eating better
* My daughter is making smoothies regularly now 

(mind you, she works at a fast food place and 
was always bringing home free shakes and eating them - so now they've been replaced!)

Here is some of what we've done this week:



I used these fruits and veggies: 
Seeds from 2 Pomegranates, 5 peeled oranges, 2 granny smith apples, and 2 carrots

Here it all is ready for the juicer.  It made three 16-20 oz. servings
Wow - it was so yummy!!  


Here is one of the first smoothies we made with bananas and blueberries and almond milk

Brent made me this EPIC smoothie and is was SO good!!! 

(4 bananas, handful of blueberries, a few frozen pitted dark cherries, 1 big Kale leaf, some ice, some almond milk, and a tsp of Agave sweetener) - made 2 smoothies!



I just made this juice this morning.  It has 1 big head of broccoli, 4 apples, and a bunch of carrots (8 maybe?)  Simple!  And it tasted great!  I was surprised at how it tasted, actually.  

Not everything I've made I've liked.  I made some juice that called for tomatoes and had garlic in it.  I put way too much garlic.  It wasn't so good.  Brent couldn't drink it.  But for the most part, we've enjoyed all the juices we've made, which I'm grateful for.

We'll I'm off to be productive today.  Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!
xoXoXOxo ~Margene


MaryFran said...

I've always been kinda skeptical about juicing... (not for health benefits..but for just the taste and well....drinking my food)....but your post has totally intrigued me!

Julie said...

That is awesome Margene. You guys are doing so great and the ideas and recipes you are sharing are sounding pretty darn good.

Julie said...

Okay, you're behind. How's it going? Had to stop by and check up on you. Take care and have a blessed evening!

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