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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Negative Thinking

I was thinking this week, how detrimental negative thinking can be.  It starts out so small, just something tiny and then it can so easily build from there and before you know it, you have this whole scenario or view that is NOT based on truth or reality - but just what you negatively THOUGHT it was.  It is so easy when you are stressed or feeling bad, to assume negative intentions in things that other people do or say.

I can see how this has been a hinderence in my life.  It's like there is this catalyst that happens and affects how I think, how I feel, how I handle situations, and choices I make.  Then when I made unhealthy food choices, it draws me farther away from positive energy, truth, and self-confidence.

I believe for me this boils down to staying close to God.  To having His Spirit in my daily life.  

I had a situation recently that took me from my fun, happy self, to a very low, dark place.  After a while, the situation did get resolved and sweet peace did come.  Sweet relief and thankfulness!!  Yet, as I reflect back on this, I can see how I separated myself from HIS help.  This is how it was for me:

Lack of His Spirit --> Hurt Feelings and/or Feeling Offended --> Negative Thinking --> Bad Choices

Bad choices in food, seem to keep me more away from having God's Spirit with me.  It's like it separates me further.  Everything about our health is connected spiritually as well, I truly believe.  So I make some bad food choices and before I know it, I start thinking things like:  I can't control this, Things are too hard, I feel so yucky, I don't want to do this, I don't feel like doing any work, I feel so ugly, I have no friends, no one likes me, I feel alone, I can't help my situation, There's no way to change things, etc.

The TRUTH is...

I CAN Control my life.  

It's like the first things that goes in this situation is the faith that I have a choice... it's like the adversary wants me to feel that I am helpless and it's too hard for me to control. 
 THIS Is what kept me obese for so many years.

I am grateful that I can recognize this in my life.  And when those thoughts tempt me, I remind myself that:

I AM in Charge of my Life 

I ALWAYS Have a Choice!

I CAN Make Better Choices

This Moment Does NOT Define Me

I Decide What Defines Me

For me, what is MOST important is that I stay close to my Heavenly Father 
and rely on Him EVERY SINGLE DAY.

This is what helps me stay positive and endure the trials that I face.  

For me, it about prayer, scripture study, and service.
THEN making good choices is easier, and I feel better and I can overcome!  
So this is how I aim to be:

Seek His Spirit --> Be Grateful --> Think Positively & Assume the Best --> Good Choices

That's my thought for the day.  Life is GOOD!!  
Blessings to you, my reader.
XoXOXo ~Margene


Sharon said...

Always makes me smile to see you pop up in my reader especially since you don't post as often as you once did. I always know it's going to be full of something profound and today was no different. Once one of these negative thinking episodes has passed, it always helps me to look back and reevaluate how it started, how it spiraled downward and steps I might take in the future to prevent the spiral from starting. Being able to stop a negative thinking process early on can nip it in the bud before it ever really gets started.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is AMAZING, Margene and your comments so profound. Negative thinking is where it ALWAYS starts for me too!! Thanks for sharing!

Joy said...

The statement that stands out for me is: This Moment Does NOT Define Me. I would like to add....This moment or SITUATION does NOT define me!! Sometimes I put too much into the situation and let it tell me who I am. When in reality. It does not!

Friend, I am so sorry you've had a rough time. Call me if you need to chat. I'm here for you!!

Love and miss you!!

Stay focused on your goals!!

Lori said...

This is just what I needed to read today. I am trying to separate the truth from the lies in my life right now.

Christine said...

Awesome post Margene!

I did some reflecting like this on Sunday. It is powerful!

leah said...

I agree, if I start being negative it is a downward spiral and ruins my whole day and consequently my family's.

Christine said...

Being happy outside of circumstances...it's hard. We all struggle with it. I have been focusing on this aspect of character building as well..it's either that or kick in my filing cabinet, and that really helps nothing at all. lol.

Joy said...

Hey Friend!! I'm thinking of you today. I hope you are well!!

Want to remind you that you have been with me during my 3-1/2 Marathons, 1-8k and 2-5k's this summer. I keep your picture in my phone holder and I remember that you told me that I can do hard things. And because of you...I do!! So gear up...we're doing another 1/2 Marathon on the 21st. I can do it!! Because of your awesome encouragement!!

Love and miss you!!

Holly Rose said...

I completely relate. The lies of the enemy deceive us and once they take root will throw us off course. I have totally found this to be true in my life. And recognizing them as lies is half the battle b/c some times you don't realize it. If I don't get up very early and spend a good hour in prayer, reading the Word, and listening to my praise/worship music I am going to be in trouble usually throughout the day. Much weaker in my spirit. I have to fight against the weapons in my mind every day and this is really and truly how to get it done. Love this post!!