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Sunday, July 8, 2012

I'm a Hobbler Halfer!!

Today was the HOBBLER HALF Marathon.... or should I say yesterday since it's after midnight.  TODAY (or yesterday) will go down in Margene History Forever!!

It started two nights ago when I went with my running buddy to her sisters house to stay the night so we could have an early start to our race.  We had picked up our race bag and shirts and came back and played games and watched an episode of "The Office" where they do a Fun Run - so funny.  I had all my stuff layed out and ready to go.  I had Joy's rock she gave me "Because of you... I can do hard things" and kept it in my pocket the whole time.  

Then we went to bed and got up at 3:45am to head out by 4am to get the shuttle by 4:30am to take us up into the canyon to the starting line.

4am - heading out to catch the shuttle to the starting line
I originally was very nervous but became less so as it got closer.  Then we started and the race began at 6:30am.  It didn't take long for me to feel overwhelmed at how long we were really going to run.  You know, those mind games!!  We started at a faster pace but I had to slow it down so I could last.  But we visited like we normally do on our runs and had the AMAZING scenery of the canyon, plus the sun wasn't even on us yet.

It was mostly downhill with some uphills here and there.  And to be honest, I was getting some good aches and pains which tempted me to walk - but I didn't give in.  Around the 10 mile mark, I suddenly saw my GIRLS and HUSBAND on the road CHEERING ME ON!!  My girls were holding up a sign that said "Go Mom" "We love you".  It really gave me the boost I needed.  I was so surprised and happy to see them and so was my buddy!!

Those last 3 miles were the most challenging for me and also the most meaningful!  I thought about my parents and the thought came specifically to my mind about how proud my mom would be of me.  I thought of the things my mother struggled with and how she might feel watching me run.  It brought tears to my eyes.  I felt SO THANKFUL that I COULD run!  I will never forget how I used to feel and how grateful I am for how the Lord has blessed me.  I felt thankful for my family and thankful for my running buddy who has become a dear friend.  We ran for a mile or so in silence and I then hit play on my Ipod and "I'm Coming Out" by Diana Ross began playing.  That was the song that took me into the finish line!  We ran it in 2 hours and 46 minutes.  BOOYA!!

My hubs and girls were there to greet us and it was an amazing feeling to realize that I ran that without stopping!  It was pretty surreal feeling.  We got to enjoy a free breakfast from Magelby's right there and also a Free Massage.... which felt SO good for my aching calves.

Now I am tired beyond words... I really need to get better sleep at night and I still have a lot of goals and things I need and want to be doing.  But it does feel wonderful to have accomplished this!  Brent gave me the biggest hug and it feels good to have him feel so proud of me.  He more than anyone knows where I have come from and he's loved me through everything.  I feel so thankful for a supportive and loving husband!  And now I must go to bed.  God bless you in your pursuits! 

Never give up!  
Life is GOOOOD. 
XOXoxoXo ~Margene


Christine said...

Congratulations!! You are such an inspiration to me.

I am back blogging again after the birth of our son and would love it if you read along and gave me your timely advise!??!
This is the link if you do join me!


Lori said...

That is wonderful. I am so proud of you.

This is one of the sweetest posts I have ever read. Tears were streaming by the time I got to the end.

You have been through a lot and I know that I am only aware of the tip of the iceberg.

You are a true example of perseverance.

Sandrelle said...

LOVE this. You are amazing, congrats on all your hard work Margene!!! Yes, a supportive husband ROCKS. :)

A Journey to a new me... said...

Congratulations!! You are a great inspiration and I thank you for sharing your journey!!

Joy said...

Oh my goodness Friend! You rocked it!! SO PROUD OF YOU!!! You can do hard things!!! What's next?

Keep up the great work and stay focused!!

Love and miss you!!!

E's Kitchen said...

Congrats!! So Inspiring!!!

Joy said...

Thinking of you today my Friend!! I hope you are doing well!!

Love and hugs to you!!