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Thursday, May 13, 2010

At the Coast

We are taking a family vacation for a few days for the first time in 3 years. So we got a cool vacation house on the Oregon Coast, Pacific City - right on Cape Kiwanda to be precise and it is GEORGOUS! Here we are out on the deck. We can see the Pacific on both sides of Cape Kiwanda.
Our shadow family... see how tall and skinny we are!
Hot tubbing after dinner. I've never sat in a hot tub overlooking the ocean... it was like a dream and to share it with my family was the best! I am not ready to show a picture of us in our swimsuits because we still look so huge... BUT when I came out of my room in my swim suit and my kids saw me (they haven't even seen me in a swim suit like ever!) they all were "ooohhhing" and "aaahhing" saying I looked so much "thinner". That made my day!! Still along way to go, though.
I've planned out all our meals. The first night I had tator-tot casserole (a family favorite) with corn on the cob and salad.... for the kids.
And this is what me and my hubby had. I grilled this salmon on my George Forman adding some s/p and dill weed, and then included some steamed asparagus. My man had his mainstay favorite - morningstar sausages and salad. It was all yummy.
Here is our lunch the second day... Chicken noodle soup and crackers. We ate while we overlooked the ocean. Kids had sandwiches, left over corn, pretzels and pudding cups.
Okay, here is our second nights meal. We had diet soda with our meal. My guy is not a chicken fan so he preferred his MS sausages to my Chicken. This is that Ranch Chicken Kabob that I made before and posted... I was craving it again. I made it on my George Foreman and tried not to over cook it. It was still yummy and tender but not as good as doing it on the grill. I made a TON but couldn't eat all of it. See how much is on that plate. I was so excited to eat it, but my eyes were bigger than my mouth. This was another chance to practice portion control.
Just last night we trekked out to the north beach of Cape Kiwanda where we had the whole beach to ourselves. We explored the rocks and incoming tide. There was this hang glider above us that we enjoyed watching... he was within a stones throw and he was amazing to watch. This is the view from our deck when we got back to our house.
We will have to come back here when we're at our goal weight. It made a huge difference to be somewhat lighter... but scaling those STEEP dunes still wore us out and we were pretty sore. Cape Kiwanda itself was 550 steps (according to my man). But it felt good and we both want to be more active and do more hiking and exploring.


lynnss1 said...


I'm so jealous of your trip! And your hot tub overlooking the ocean. We're from PA, but visited Oregon five years ago during a summer trip, but we didn't have time to visit the coast. Looks amazing! We go to the Outer Banks in NC when we go to the beach. It's really pretty, but not as majestic at the Pacific coast. What a wonderful treat for your family. Hope the entire trip is/was a blast!


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Thanks Lynn. Oregon is beautiful, you'll have to stop by the next time you're in town! I'm sure it's beautiful in PA too and I've been to the Atlantic and thought it was pretty cool. I hope you are doing well! :)