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Saturday, March 13, 2010

~ Feeling ALIVE after WEEK 5 ~

We have reached the end of our 5th week and here are the results:
Me - 4 pounds lighter; total loss now = 25 lbs
Hubby - 6 pounds lighter; total loss now = 28 lbs

This is so encouraging to us!!! When I pass the 30 pounds loss mark, it will physically manifest more weight than I've lost on all my other diet changes! So that will be another milestone for me. My hubby is feeling so much better. He said he would like to write his own feelings for me to post on here... so I will when he writes them down for me.

Because I am so big to begin with, I often still feel so huge and homely - BUT - at the same time I also talk to my husband and plan like I am already a thinner person - because that is where I am headed.

Here are a couple Lean and Greens from this last week:

First, I made SHRIMP for the first time on this plan!! This is the pre-cooked frozen shrimp from Costo. I just defrosted it and then steamed up some asparagus (my second time making this vegetable). I cooked the shrimp over the stove with some of my favorite sauce I use for salmon: Jakes's Orange Mango barbeque glaze. Then I also drizzled some over the asparagus as well. So delicious! I am anxious to try other ways in making shrimp too, because I loved being able to have 7 ounces of it!
Doesn't that look so good?
I also made this chicken salad. This is chicken is also from costco, "Sweet carmelized onion chicken burgers" that I posted below in a previous entry. I just warmed up the chicken burger on the stove and then cut it up into smaller chunks and put them on a bed of lettuce, cucumber and tomoto. I used this "Bolthouse" ranch dressing which has less fat/calories due to being made from yogurt. SO good! (my coach told me about the Bolthouse dressings).
This was the best salad I tasted yet
Here it is with about 2 T. of dressing added.
I still have other L&G ideas I want to try... I'm cautious because that is my favorite meal of the day and I want to make sure it's one I'm going to love!

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Brooke said...

Where do you buy the Jake's glaze?