Our Quest to change our lives began in Feb. 2010 and we lost 224 lbs. We slowly gained a lot of that weight back and we're now on another journey for weight loss and better health using Bright Line Eating. This is the story of our continuing Journey. .
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

WEEK 20 ~ Almost 5 Months of our LIFESTYLE Change!!

Last week I lost 4 pounds... OH YEAH!!! I have reached the 70 pound loss mark today. Oh my gosh, that feels GOOD! I caught up to my guy - I totally want to CELEBRATE!! My man stayed the same but he is LOOKING SO HOT! Even his new suit from just a few posts ago is getting smaller on him.

I really drank tons of water this week and “Aunt Flo” left from her stay so that’s why I think I lost more than previously... and I’ve stayed totally on plan (as always... because I don’t even want to think of going off plan and sabotaging myself!)

I grilled some salmon again with that same yummy recipe since I had some left over marinade and I also made these “Sweet and Sour Crimini Mushrooms” to go with them. I found the recipe here at the La Fuji Mama. If you like mushrooms, you should check it out. I really enjoyed them.

One evening my hubby came home ravenous and so I hurried and scrambled him this L&G:

1 cup egg beaters, green peppers, sprinkles of low-fat cheese with 3 turkey sausages. He loved it and said it was very delicious (I love the simple stuff I can make quick).

I tried a couple Medifast meal recipes that I really liked:

Vanilla Spice Cookies! and Crunch Cookies!

Vanilla Spice Cookies

1 Vanilla Shake mix

1/4 t. Baking Powder

1 T. sugar free caramel syrup in a 1/4 cup measure, then fil the rest of the way w/ water.

1/4 t. Vanilla

1/2 t. Pumpkin Pie Spice

1/2 T. Cinnamon

1 Packet Spenda

Mix all the dry ingredients and we ingredients seperately. Add wet to dry and mix it up. Scoop out 5 cookies onto a Pam sprayed pan and bake at 350 for 15 minutes. Counts as 1 Medifast Meal.

[I quadrupled the recipe using 4 vanilla shakes and the batter wasn't thick enough so I added a scrambled eggs packet and then made 25 cookies for 5 meals; every 5 cookies equaled 1 medifast meal.]

Crunch Cookies (found on the Medifast Facebook Discussion Boards)

1 Crunch Bar (I used Chocolate, but you can use Caramel, PB, Smores or whatever)

2 Brownie Packets

4 T. Water

Soften crunch bar in microwave for 15-20 seconds then mix all the ingredients together very thoroughly. Spray plate with Pam & divide mixture into 3 equal portion cookies. Microwave for 2-2.5 minutes. Let cool. One cookie = One Medifast meal. YUM. This is a great way for me to help my crunch bars last longer & the cookie is really good and filling!

Freedom Challenge!

I have decided to join Deb's Freedom Challenge and it starts on July 5th and goes for 4 weeks. I am still planning out what my goals will be since one of those weeks I will actually be at girls camp with both my daughters... and I'll be bringing up all my food too... I will NOT go off plan, even for girls camp. :) So I will be posting my goals soon. I'm excited! This is my first challenge!!


Learning to be Less said...

Congrats on the hard work paying off. 70 pounds is HUGE!!!! Color me jealous!

Anonymous said...

congratulatons!!! You are doing amazing! Great, great job!! :D Deb

Retta said...

Hey, welcome to the challenge, I joined Deb's challenge, too.

I was thinking... there is nothing wrong with having Plan A and Plan B for the challenge. Plan A could apply to at home, and Plan B could be for when you are at camp.

Anyways, it'll be fun!

divad said...

Congrats on 70 pounds down! You must feel fantastic! I like your deliberate attempts to make that scale move...drink, drink, drink. I'm going to try that before weigh in on Tuesday morning!

Jennifer said...

Yaaay for 4 lbs this week, and a bigger YAAAAAAY for 70 lbs down! You must feel like a rockstar!!! I dropped youa little note on my blog this morning. Keep up your hard and excellent work!!!!


Bring Pretty Back said...

70 pounds! whooooo hoooooo! That is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so excited for you!

MaryFran said...

Yay on the 70 pounds....that is a great accomplishment!!!!!

Can't wait to hear how you do at camp!!! Just think of all that extra activity!!!