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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Week 18 ~ Time for Some NEW...

Weigh In this morning revealed a 2 pound loss for EACH of us for last week. That brings my total loss in 18 weeks to 64 pounds, and my mans total loss in 18 weeks is 70 pounds!! Together we have lost 134 pounds - the equivalent of one of our teenagers (actually, more than one of our teens).

It is time for some NEW UNDIES. I’ve been pulling up my big underwear clear up to my bra line and it still slips down. Seriously... it’s been ridiculous! So today, I finally broke down and went and bought a few pairs just so I can be more comfortable. I wanted to wait until I lost more but ya know, when you need it - you need it. I found that I now fit into undies that are 4 sizes smaller! Cool. Wow, and how good it feels to wear underclothes that fit, I tell ya!

On my travels today, I thought I’d stop by a clothes store again, you know - for fun! I saw a cute dress first off and tried on size 22 = too loose; then size 18 = a tad too snug; so size 20 was just right. I remember the dress I wore on the way to my wedding was a size 20. Let’s see, that was 21 years ago. BOOYA!

I’ve been wearing my size 28 skirt to church and using safety pins to keep it from falling off me. I found a cute jean skit on the clearance rack and tried it on... it fit. What size was it? Size 18!! I haven’t worn a size 18 since BEFORE I had my kids. This is all so awesome. But why do I still FEEL like I’m so huge? Because, I still am huge, really... just not AS huge. Drat! I really want to be TINY Tiny tiny! All in time, I suppose...

Some L&G’s I made this week: Chicken Tender kabobs (so I didn’t have to cut them as small) that I just broiled in my oven. Yum (Rosemary Ranch)

Spaghetti Squash with teriyaki glazed chicken. This sounded better and faster than trying to fry up some ground turkey to imitate a spaghetti dish. Spaghetti squash reminds me of sweet potatoes! Yum.

Smokehouse Maple broiled salmon and sautéed mushrooms. Very delish! I am a big lover of salmon.

Last night, the mister and I went to the gym again. This time we did some weight lifting and worked on our arms and chest muscles. I have such huge lose fat upper arms... how do I get rid of those? Then we went on the elliptical. That machine nearly licked me and I had to push my way through just to get 10 minutes in. At least that is double my last time but it just kills my legs. I guess I really need to build up my strength and endurance. Then we walked on the treadmill for a mile or so. I walk on about 3.2 speed; then, towards the end, I pushed it to 4.5 and tried a little run/jog. I could only do it for seconds.... less than a minute. It wasted me! I see people weighing more than me who are running 1/2 marathons and I wonder why can’t I run? I feel impatient with myself and I’m thinking it’s going to be long and grueling to get myself in shape not to mention to become a runner. It would be a huge MIRACLE if I ever was able to run a 1/2 marathon. I’d also love to bike, and we even bought one for me at a yard sale. I need to be in better shape and lose way more weight. I tell ya, the mountain before me still seems undaunting!! But I am still determined!


Anonymous said...

First, check out my new post--I wrote about your pizza recipe. :)

Second. I know. Sometimes I read other people's blogs and I wonder what is wrong with me! They seem to be 3 sizes smaller and running to the moon and back--twice a day.

Here's my conclusion--well, my conclusion after I quit sulking--We're all different. What counts about what we are doing is what we can control.

I can't control what size I wear (16 at 180 pounds--so, see, you're doing better than I am!) or how fast I can walk.

But I can control how often I exercise, how much I eat and what I eat. I can control if I keep trying or if I give up. The rest is up to God.

You will get there, you will.

And if on your way, you find out what to do about those arms, let me know! Ugh.


WWSuzi said...

You guys are doing great!! They'll be no stopping you now :)

Lucy form Lucy's Blog said...

Hello-just found your site, actually I clicked on the pizza crust recipe on another's blog and viola-here I am.

Congrats on all your accomplishments! Your attitude is super (and isn't that 1/2 the battle!!)

lynnss1 said...


Don't get down about what you can't do at the gym, celebrate that you are actually at the gym! It takes time and effort to to build endurance and strength. Marathoners don't start out running 26 miles, they work up to it. You'll be kicking treadmill butt in no time and you'll look back and say: remember when I could barely last a minute?

I totally understand the new undie issue... the little pleasures in life. When you figure out the flabby arm thing, let me know...

Have a great week


Jennifer said...

Hi there! Okay....a few things...

Congrats on losing all those dress sizes! That is so awesome! You should be so proud of yourself. I have to tell you though that I am down a total of 59 lbs from my high weight and even though I am now into an unheard of (for me) 14/16, I still FEEK fat :( I mean, I still have some to lose but I still have that mentality that I am bigger than I really am. I am hoping that is something that goes away with time!? I guess I had just gotten used to being bigger.
Second, as far as the jogging...I was so excited to see your post because I know just how you felt and I am here to tell you it gets sooooo much better. I used to hate exercise of any kind. Jogging was boring to me and I would get out of breath quickly. I would have to stop and catch my breath and to be honest it was flat out uncomfortable. Then I started walking like you, and added a little jog in there for a few seconds or a minute, then two, etc. My jog was at 4 mph(when I used the treadmill) and I could only do it for a minute or less when I started. I thought the people who jogged or ran were crazy or some kind of superhuman being. But with time I pushed myself and I am so happy to tell you that eventually you DONT get out of breath! This is a new concept for me. You just go and go and your lungs keep up and dont make you feel like you have to stop! This was 15 weeks ago that I was a couch potato and I just jogged 2 miles the other day for the first time. You CAN do this! Your body will condition itself with time and you will totally amaze yourself. A good tip: get an mp3 or ipod if you dont have one and put some upbeat music on there for your jogging. It makes ALL the difference. Congrats to you on your successes :)


Sam said...

WOOOOOO HOOOOO!!!! Congrats on the new undies!!!!!

Bring Pretty Back said...

I laughed out loud when I read about the underwear! I did a post on panties ! haha! LOVE your blog! I am a new follower!
Have a pretty day!

MaryFran said...

WOOO HOOOO on the poundage gone!!!!!

What more can I say? I think the woo hoo just sums it up!

But I will continue.....(I can't shut my mouth...I babble constantly). Don't you just love the clothes literally falling off your body? Good feeling...even better to see the sizes on the new clothes!

Juli said...

You are TOO funny. Go buy some sexy drawer's, girlfriend. Good for you. How AMAZING that you and your's have been so successful. Keep up the FABULOUS work.