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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


My 55 year old brother had a major heart attack last week! Thankfully, he was in the hospital just coming out of back surgery - which is what truly saved his life. They were able to wheel him right back in and put some stints in. He had 100% blockage on one, 80% blockage on another and 30% on a third. He is home and doing well and counting his incredible blessings! He's got 9 kids who are all holding on to him a little tighter now.

You know, my mother died at age 56 from heart disease, and her mother died at 56 from heart disease. I am 41 right now. Boy, is it ever time for me to WAKE UP!! It's in my genes to have my arteries build up with plaque. Even though my brother had been exercising and eating healthy for the last year (and even lost 30 lbs) he still had that heart attack. The doctor told him that because he's made those changes probably saved his life. That is isn't uncommon for people to have heart problems and NOT EVEN REALIZE how bad it is until the have a major heart attack or until it's too late. This is more evidence that making this change THIS YEAR - RIGHT NOW, is absolutely necessary!! I am SO glad I am making this change.

WEEK 8 - I'm down 3 more pounds for 35 pounds lost! My man is down 5 pounds for 42 pounds lost!

Here is a L&G I threw together. This is rotissary chicken (SO good) on top of sateed yellow squash and mushrooms. I know, that sounds like an unlikely pair but I was in a hurry and it was yummy!
This was an L&G for my man... using those boca-type crumbles mixed in with his salad and his hot salsa. He prefers the ground turkey/beef mixture to the boca crumbles but it wasn't bad.

So this is how I prep our puddings every week or two. I mostly make chocolate with a few drops of the Capella hazel nut flavoring, and banana with either no drops or added banana flavoring drops. This time I actually added some chocolate brownie drops to the banana to see if I like it. I love to eat pudding as my breakfast and I love having them already made. My husband can grab one to put in his lunch box and these little containers with lids are inexpensive and easy to clean and store.
Last night I made muffins again! (I did a double batch as the picture shows) I will post the recipe I use on the side. My hubby LOVES these. He is a bread lover and this gets him his bread fix.
Two of these muffins equals one meal and so I put two in a baggie, fresh out if the oven and then freeze them. My hubby grabs one in the morning and nukes it for like 40 seconds and then eats them on his drive to work.
Here is the newest L&G I've tried. Imitation crab meet!! I got it at Costco and had this crab salad with my favorite light Ranch dressing (Bolton). I loved it. I loved having the crunchier veggies in there too like radishes and celery along with the cucumbers, lettuce and peppers.
And this meal is my Honey's standard favorite. Yes, he does have 4 of the Morning Star sausage patties (instead of the 3) but he craves that protein and feels that his body needs it and he still loses weight even having 4 of them so more power to him! He doesn't even have dressing on his salad anymore. He just enjoys eating the veggies fresh.

I've discovered another HELPFUL HINT for myself. I chew more gum! It really helps inbetween meals to have something yummy to chew on. I am always trying new sugar free gum now where I used to only buy the peppermint or spearmint for fresh breath. Those who know me well, know I love "Trident White - Cool Colada". I call it my HAPPY GUM because you just can't chew it and not feel happy. Some others I am liking right now are: New Trident Layers (both flavors of them), Extra Fruit Sensations Strawberry Banana and Berry Pearadise, and the Orbit Mist Watermelon Spring. I'm sure there are many others that are tasty to chew. And even today in the doctors office, I read an article in a magazine that said that people who chew gum inbetween meals are more likely to eat less calories throughout the day. :)


lynnss1 said...

Holy moley, Margene! I'm so glad to read that your brother is ok. Can't imagine how scarey that must have been. I'll keep him in my prayers, and you and your husband too, on your journey to a healthy lighter life.

I'm really not liking the oatmeal, so I'm going to try your muffin recipe. I did fall off the program wagon a little bit over Easter weekend, but it was a conscious choice. Now I'm back on track.

I really love your blog... thanks for sharing.


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Lynn, Thank you for your prayers! It's nice to know that someone says a prayer for you or your family! :)

There are other variations of muffin recipes too. Like I've tried one that uses oatmeal and a scrambled egg packet, or a shake packet with egg beaters. I'm just so glad to make them because I really don't care for the oatmeal by itself either!

Glad to hear you're back on track. I like your persistant spirit!! You go girl! Thanks for reading. :)

Bob and Julie said...

So glad to hear your brother is okay. That is very, very scary!! My dad has been going back and forth with heart and health issues for a while now so I understand the worry. Is this the brother we met in Utah to get your speakers?

Thanks for the muffin recipe. So, is this the one you like best...out of all the ones you tried? Aaandd...what is a nonstick cooking "prayer"? Baaahaaa...you've REALLY taken this to a spiritual level! :) Keep up the good work!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Yes, non stick cooking prayer works BEST! lol

No, my brother in Utah is doing good... he is only a couple years older than me. The brother that had the heart attack is my oldest brother here in Portland. He's the one who owns the furniture store. Very scary, yes!

I hope your dad is doing better.

Yes, I like this muffin recipe. I think my man likes these ones the best.

I found a cauliflower recipe in a magazine at the dr. office (and tore it out - naughty me!) that I will be trying and I'll post it on here. It looks good to me, great to have with your meat of choice.

We'll have to do lunch sometime and have our medifast soup and crackers together!!! :)

Nicki Goldman said...

Your photo shows two pans of 12 muffins... can you clarify if this recipe makes 12 muffins or 24? :-)

I'm in Portland too! Do you ever meet up with other MF peeps?

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Nicki - Yes, I should have clarified that I had DOUBLED that recipe so I basically made two batches of 12 at the same time. So the recipe makes 12 as stated. (sorry for the confusion)

I haven't met up with other MF peeps... have you? Is there a Portland area group? That might be fun - I am always looking for more ideas and to support each other!

Nicki Goldman said...

I'll get to baking asap! Glad to find something to do with the Peach Oatmeal... I'm not to fond of it.

My health coach said there is a Tuesday mtg once a month with other members.. thinks it's in SE. Also a good chance to food swap if there is items you don't like. I'll let you know when it's scheduled.

I'm only on Day 4... newbie here!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Awesome Nicki! You are getting past those first few days and onto smoother sailing! Stick with it and you will feel so much better!

Yes, please let me know when a meeting is - that would be nice to go to. :)