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Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving and Letting Go

It was sweet and simple. Just our family. Simple delicious food. Lots of rest and lounging. Then a jaunt to the movie "Megamind" at the theater later on. Nice. Lovely. Quiet.

I tried brining my turkey this time, and it was so tender, moist and delicious. My daughter helped me form some Rhodes dough into rolls and they rose overnight (they got so big!). For the kids I had the rolls, gravy from a can (since I don’t know how to make my own), and stuffing. We also had roasted Veggies.

We snapped a couple of pics. I love how I can sit on My Man's lap now... and not destroy him in the process!

I stayed on plan... But I did eat a little more than 6 ounces of turkey breast... it was so good! I also snitched a couple bites of the cooked carrots that were under the turkey in all that yummy juice. They were so good. Carrots are not on plan right now but I will add them in later. I enjoyed my snitching. No pie. I had my Medifast pumpkin pie pudding (vanilla pudding w/ pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon - Yum!). I also enjoyed some knox blox and crunchy Medifast pretzels in the theater. I did not feel like I missed out on a single thing - food wise at least. :) Wonderful day!

Roasted veggies are my NEW FAVORITE!!

They are so easy.

I cut up the veggies into 1” cubes or so. I used broccoli, Cauliflower, zucchini, and yellow squash. Toss with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt. Bake in middle of the oven at 425 for 12 minutes or so. Take out and flip them over as needed. Bake another 5-8 minutes as needed for that sealed roasted glaze. Then toss with just a splash of balsamic vinegar. SO delish!!!

I was reading yesterday over at Sam’s Believe in yourself blog and her post “It’s time to let go” really spoke to me. I know that letting go is really my theme of this whole journey. I’ve talked about this before especially when I first started back in February. Sam talks about a dream she had and the questions that came to her: Are there things in my heart that need to be set free? Things that daily cause me pain? That cause others pain? Things that cause this to be a painful life?

I have to say YES. I know that the pain and heartache I feel are things I need to let go. I get hung up on my lack of understanding. Why things turn out so differently, what was the purpose of certain events, are hurtful things said to me in the past still true, what is so horrible about me, and my list of questions can go on and on. I’ve recognized my need to let go. To move on. To have faith in my future. Yet, there are those times that a snippet of that heartache pops back into my life and I stumble and fall and fight it all over again. I have this song I love by Michael McLean that’s called “Let it go”. I love to just listen and soak in the words. Here are some of them:

“Letting go, opens up the heart. There is a new day hungry to start. You can’t change what has hurt you so, but you will heal, if you can let it go. All that’s wrong in your life, let it go. All that is worth saving..... is love. Love will hold you tight. Love lifts the burden and love shines the light. Only love nourishes a soul. If it’s not love, simply let it go.”

So Sam talks about letting go and embracing joy. She challenges her readers to find ONE THING to let go for today and to encourage our blog readers to do the same and to think of how much better this world would be if we all removed one of the painful things from our heart and replaced it with a feeling and action of gratitude. Grab this button too, and post about it if ya want! :)

So my one thing to let go of today is my DOUBTS. My doubts in things being positive, doubts in my relationships with others, doubts in truly trusting the Lord. I want to let them GO and replace them with FAITH. Faith in trusting the Lord. Faith that my family and friends are true to me (this is huge), and Faith in things turning out for the best. I know this seems huge, but it boils down to little thoughts.. and I want to LET GO of my little doubtful thoughts that lead me to so much pain. Whoooosh....... gone! Letting them go!

What do you want to let go of today?


Unknown said...

Sounds like you had a great THanksgiving and stayed on plan. I too had a wonderful Thanksgiving and stayed on plan! I didn't even use all of my weekly points! That tickles me to no end (means I can enjoy a few treats this weekend).

Have a great weekend. I saw Sam;s post this morning but haven't decided what I'm ready to let go of..maybe I'll decide by the end of the weekend...

Karla said...

you are soo sweet I want to squeeze you!!! I bought the making for roasted veggies today!!! they are yummy huh??!!

you did great on Thanksgiving, congrats :)

doubt, letting go of doubt, that sounds so easy!! it likes to linger, may take me a while to let go of that, I can be soooo full of doubt, it consumes me sometimes.... yikes!!! I am getting teary.... gotta go....

(((( hugs))))

Bring Pretty Back said...

AS ALWAYS!!! You touched me- motivated me- inspired me! THANK YOU! Love the fact you can sit on your hubby's lap. And feel good about it!
Have a pretty day!

Jennifer said...

This is a great post Margene. Yes, if we just let go of the painful things it would be easier. Thanks for pointing that out. sometimes thats what we need is to have things pointed out. Sounds like you did great on Thanksgiving! Whoo hooo!


Sam said...

You look so great! And so happy! I love that song too by the way! Thanks for posting about letting go! I was telling my husband about you and your hubby a couple of days ago about how you've teamed up and maybe we should too. He's thinking about it! :)

Anonymous said...

First, you look absolutely THIN. How exciting is that!?!

Second, what a wise and wonderful post about letting go. I copied your letting go badge and am going to post it on my blog. I'll do a post about it as soon as my bottom allows. :}

Funny, I stopped by your blog as the last thing I was going to do before shutting down the computer in order to have some thinking time. (I had just read something in Dawne's [t's My Time] blog that I wanted to think over.)

This post is just what I needed to hear before I had that little thought-fest. I'm about to turn some rocks over and find a bunch of things that need to be "let go".

God is always on time, isn't He? Maybe this is why I've missed your posts till now. Now is when I needed to read this.