Our Quest to change our lives began in Feb. 2010 and we lost 224 lbs. We slowly gained a lot of that weight back and we're now on another journey for weight loss and better health using Bright Line Eating. This is the story of our continuing Journey. .
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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Week 30!! Wow, has it been that long already?

Good Morning! I am eating my Butterscotch Pudding for breakfast right now and happy to report that I had a 3 pound loss last week! My hubs has stayed the same (probably due to stress and lack of sleep - because he has stayed on plan).

Here are some of the things that have gone on just the last 10 days - starting from the MOST recent:

  1. Celebrated my daughters 14th birthday at local amusement park. The hubs and I went roller skating again and snogged a bit on the spider ride. Had a blast. (Much need break).
  2. Switched our kid’s rooms around. We moved beds, dressers, desks, cleaned, & organized. I disassembled and reassembled a big heavy bunk bed mostly by myself!
  3. We cleaned & organized our garage - put up a bunch of our items for sale - took boxes of stuff to charity.
  4. We looked at a possible home to rent. (It was trash... UG). We’ve been majorly considering a quick move into a smaller place (less rent) as a temporary solution to our financial pressure. But we’re having a hard time finding a decent place that is within the area that we feel is best for our family (school boundaries, etc.). Looks like we may just try to stay put for now - or who knows... ?
  5. My 16 year old daughter played her first Water Polo game.
  6. My 10 year old earned his Webelos Badge at Pack Meeting.
  7. We did a run around getting signatures for my 17 year old’s Eagle Project to be approved so he can begin. Still trying to get it approved at Council and get all the merit badges he has earned, and counselors for the ones he still needs to earn. My son would easily give up on this, if we as parent didn’t encourage and help... and I feel it’s SO important for him that he earn his Eagle Rank, he only has 2 months left so the crunch is on!
  8. We sold our only vehicle (which didn’t even fit all of us) and the next day bought a van that now fits us all... for the exact amount we sold our car for even (blessing). Interestingly, we sold our car while our daughter was at water polo practice, so we had no way of picking her up. My daughter has a disability and is prone to panic in new or uncertain situations, and a neighbor I asked for a quick ride from turned me down. I was so thankful that a mother of my daughters team mate brought her home for us. That meant a lot to me! You know, I hope I never turn someone down who needs a simple favor like that! The next day, My friend and coach, LaTrease drove me into the city to look at the van and help me test drive and negotiate to buy it. I am SO thankful for good friends!
  9. One of my children started school, on-line, called “Connections Academy”. The rest don’t start school until next week. I have not gotten a single school supply yet!
  10. We had a big yard sale and made more than we’ve ever made at a yard sale before, which was so helpful. We were selling prime stuff that we never considered selling before because we are trying to simplify our lives and become less dependent on “stuff”.

Overall, I think the theme we’re feeling that we need to learn is: Patience. I notice sometimes I slip into focussing on the glass being half-empty - but I try to catch myself and focus on the half-full part because we are so extremely blessed! I tell ya, I am not a fan of stress!! :) Even though we’re making a lot of changes in our lives - our healthier lifestyle change is HIGH PRIORITY and we will NOT go back. So, other things do get sacrificed, but we are sticking to our plan and we WILL get the rest of our weight off. I am so excited as I approach that 100 pound off mark. I only have 7 more pounds to go to reach that goal. My coach did it in 6 months, so it’s taking me a little longer but I will get there and even reach my end goal weight. (and I will be so tiny then!)

I stood in front of the mirror last night and pulled up my fat tummy from a side view and got a glimpse of what I’d look like with all that tummy fat gone. It was looking good. And I will get there... it’s already shrunk a ton.

Food wise... here are some lean and greens I've had recently.

Teriyaki grilled Mahi Mahi with Mushroom salad & honey mustard dressing. Also Beef strip salad w/ ranch dressing and 1/2 cup of cottage cheese. Yummo!

Egg White scramble with Beef & mushrooms & some low fat cheese (doesn't look great but tasted delish!). I also made my peanut butter balls different by mixing the Medifast Hot Cocoa packets with 1/2 water and 1/2 sugar free Peanut Butter syrup until fudge like consistency and formed balls out of them; then I mixed the PB2 (powdered peanut butter) separate and put it on top of the balls. I froze them and then put 4 balls in a bag. 1 bag of 4 = 1 medifast meal. WE LOVE THEM!! Such a great treat. We often have this as our last Medifast meal of the day.


Unknown said...

I admire you so much! You keep plugin away and plugin away and a nice breathe of fresh air! And the strength you and your hubby are finding on this journey-very amazing!

I hope the neighbor had a good reason as to turn you down...it's disheartening when you look to someone for a small favor and turns you down "just because". But, it all worked out with the coach helping out.

Have a great week!

Lesia said...

Thumbs up!

Anonymous said...

My! This post has left me nearly speechless! A rare event. :D

First, congratulations on the loss!!! And with everything that's going on--ANY loss would be cause for celebration, butyou had a GREAT one!

In the whirlwind of your life, God is blessing you--and it is clear that you know that.

You guys are in my prayers--and obviously, in His arms.


lynnss1 said...

Margene... I guess it feels like your life is chaotic right now, but you guys have your priorities straight and are taking reasonable steps toward making your life easier. It's a tough call to move somewhere else or try to stay where you are... I'll be praying that things work out. My hub's finally back to work... been out of work most of 2010, but his electrician's union is finally getting some work. Economy is tough here on the east coast too. Now we have to start paying down bills and stashing away for Jan tuition. There's always something, isn't there?

Great loss for you amidst the stress and tell hub to hang in there. Lynn

Dutch said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Congrats on the weight loss and continued success. I will be following your blog. Have a wonderful Labor Day.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Margene,

After reading about all of the things that are happening in your life right now, and remembering some of your recent struggles, I realized that you have earned the Strength in the Storm Award. :)

You don't have to do anything for this award; you have already done it. This award is given to those who have gone through a difficult time or are going thru one while holding on to the hand of their Savior.

You have done that in the past and are doing that now.

To pick up the award badge, just go to my blog. It is on the sidebar. It is a pink flower in a green field with the words "The Joy of the Lord is My Strength" on it. Below the badge is a caption reading, "Strength in the Storm Award".

Just right click on the badge and "Save picture as" to your picture files. Then post it on your blog. You can add the award caption or not as you wish.

If you want to pass it on to others--although you are not required to do so--you may pass it on to 3 people. There is no time limit regarding how long you have to award it.

You need to inform them of their award in their blog comment section as I have done here, NOT on your blog, telling them how they earned the award and giving them the directions on how to pick it up.

That's it. If you have questions, email me or ask on my blog.

:) Blessings. You have certainly dmonstrated that you know how to grab on to the Lord when it starts to rain. :)


Retta said...

Wow, so much going on in your lives. Yet you are staying on track. That is so admirable!

I was thinking, that being smaller and stronger must have helped a lot in getting you through a lot of this. And Margene... almost at 100 pounds lost!! When you get there, PLEASE be sure to come to my sidebar and snag a copy of the Century Club badge for your blog! You have certainly earned it.


Julie said...

I love this post, everything right there to soak up and learn about. Congrats to both your sons. I have an Eagle Scout also so know all the work that goes into everything from Tiger Cub to ....well now he's Vice President of his Venture Crew.
Congrats on the weight loss, I love that you and the hubs are doing it together. Mine to thinking about quiting smoking, I think that with my life style change will send my son into a place of his own and I don't even want him to go yet.
I'm off to read a bit more, I am now following you. Thanks for stopping by. Take care and God Bless!!!