Our Quest to change our lives began in Feb. 2010 and we lost 224 lbs. We slowly gained a lot of that weight back and we're now on another journey for weight loss and better health using Bright Line Eating. This is the story of our continuing Journey. .
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Monday, May 17, 2010

My Mini Everest

Week 14 marked our first vacation since starting our lifestyle change. I am down 2 pounds - 54 pounds total and my man is down 5 more pounds for a total of 60 pounds!

In Pacific City this last week, we stayed right next to "Cape Kiwanda", or actually there are 3 peaks called "Cape Mears", "Cape Look out", and "Cape Kiwanda". I don't know which one was the largest one but I assumed it was Kiwanda and so that is what I refer to. I had to attempt to climb it myself after my hubby and most of my kids did. So the 3rd day, which was the most sunny and beautiful, I set out to climb this beast of a sand mountain. Any of you who have climbed a sand mountain know that for every 5 steps you take going up hill, you only advance about 1 step because you just sink in that sand and slide down with every step. There is no work out machine at the gym to simulate this and it is VERY tiring.

Here is my video journey:
(If it doesn't play then reload the page and try again)
After leaving our vacation house and trekking up part way:

Facing the steepest incline:

Almost to the top:

Finally making it there:

Here I am posing with my man at the top. My legs felt like rubber! What a feeling of accomplishment! I tell you, 4 months ago I could NEVER have done this and I doubt I would have even tried. This really was like a mini Mount Everest climb for me!

Later on that day, we enjoyed the north side of the beach. We took our water and medifast bars with us. It is SO important to eat every 2.5 to 3 hours when on this plan. I can be feeling great and then when my body needs to eat and if I wait, I can get weak and feel yucky very fast. It is so important to eat BEFORE you get to feeling yucky. Then, after eating a quick medifast meal, I feel good and full of energy again. Here I am with my bar and water having my little meal while on the beach. It was a perfect day!

I made salmon again the last night at the beach and I tried this "paradise Pineapple Teriyaki" sauce that I found at the local store. I grilled it on my George Foreman and added a little sauce to my mushrooms and peppers when I stir fried them (in pam spray). It was quite delish!!


lynnss1 said...


You just made my day with your videos. After 2 drug-free labors with my kids, I measure all pains against labor pain... so for your sand mountain climb to be as hard as labor, it was a huge accomplishment! I hope you're proud of yourself! Where we go in NC are the largest sand dunes on the east coast, but Oregon's look higher.

thanks for sharing!


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Hi Lynn! I love reading your comments!
Yes, it was intense for me like labor but definitely not as long... and possibly not as painful, but at the time I was climbing - I felt it was very hard. I hope you are having a great week! :)

lynnss1 said...

Well, I love reading your blog and really look forward to your updates... they always make me smile. My labors were intense, but thankfully not long. It's weird how you don't forget the feeling. I equate it to an internal tazmanian devil. I have no doubt that climbing that mountain was hard. No way I'd be able to speak once I got to the top... assuming I got to the top. I'd need oxygen. Hope to read more about the adventures of Margene soon!

Dianne said...

What a great vacation! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! What a feeling of accomplishment it must have been to climb that dune!! Good for you!