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Thursday, February 18, 2010

First Week Losses

Well, we finished our first week on our new lifestyle (don't want to call it a diet) and I lost 9 pounds!! WOO HOO!! My honey lost 8 pounds. I think that's the first time I lost more than him! It was a little bit hard the first week because I felt hungry quite a bit. I am used to having larger portions and the medifast meals seem small to me but I am confident that my body will adjust. I know I am getting all the nutrients I need and I've been drinking LOTS of water. I can feel some differences already.

I'm excited to keep this going. I know I can do this. Cheating or eating things off this plan is NOT an option for me. I'm not punishing myself... I simply do not want to sabotage myself and so I'm choosing a better way for me right now. I still get my chocolate fix too!

Here is my favorite "Lean and Green" meal I've had this week.
This is 5 ounces of pre-cooked seasoned beef strips from Costo, with sauteed mushrooms (1/2 cup), green peppers (1/2 cup), and zucchini (1/2 cup). It is SO good and I feel very full after eating this since all my other medifast meals are much less food than this. I treat myself to crystal light to drink. I love my "Lean and Green" meals!

This was my Lean and Green meal tonight:
Left over wild salmon (5 ounces), with asparagus (1 cup), and a small tomatoe (1/2 cup). The measurements are sometimes my best guess. This was the first time I've cooked asparagus and I steamed it in a new microwave bowl. I need to learn how to cook it to perfection. I put a few squirts of a ranch vinaigrette spritzer on the veggies. I couldn't even finish this whole plate before I felt too full.

Tomorrow is the end of our second week and we'll see how much we've lost. :)

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