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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cup Cake RUN

Good Day Friends!!

This morning I got up way early and went to run a Cup Cake 5K.
(And no, I didn't eat any cup cakes! :)

I didn't really train much for this run and boy was it cold this morning.  And of course I had a way late night because I'm smart like that! ;)  With my most awesome hubs there supporting me, I started off at a faster pace than what I normally run... but I slowed down into a pace that was good for me and didn't pressure myself to go faster than I should.

It was a nice, cold run and I finished at 36:12 and 5th in my age group which I'm way happy with, 
especially for not training much!

Tomorrow will be the end of WEEK 1, back on plan.  
So weigh-in will be fun for both me and Brent.  It feels good to be back on plan!  

One of my new fav Medifast foods is the Cereal Crunch!  
They didn't have these back the first time around.  Yum!  And I love the choc. chip pancake!

A couple lean and greens I made this last week was an egg beaters scramble and a taco salad with light ranch dressing.  I always love my lean and greens!
I've had some dealings this week that have also been VERY HUMBLING concerning the specific personal struggles I've been going through.  Sufficient to say, I've been sufficiently reprimanded which I'm sure I probably needed but wasn't easy. :(  

So I got my work cut out for me and I know the direction I need to go.  I know I'm being vague, but just wanted to express that I am grateful for opportunities to do better, even though the means can be painful.  I know I can do hard things!  Just thinking how much I've changed my life in the last two years shows me that I can overcome way difficult situations in my life, especially with the help of my Savior.

Life is GOOOOOD!  
Seize the day, life is short too!

Much love, 
~Margene XoxOxoX


Sharon said...

You may be conscious of the fact that you've regained a bit of weight, but you certainly can't see it in the pics and that million dollar smile is always a hit with me. Good job on the race - you go, girl!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Wow.. Sharon.. Thank you! You just made MY DAY!!! :)


Lori said...

It seems almost mean to call a 5K a cupcake run. LOL!

Congratulations on completing it.

FAT FLYER said...

You rock Girl! Wonderful finish!!

Julie said...

Good luck there Margene. I know very well that you will do awesome and having a plan and staying on plan makes life so much more managable.
I love that both you and your hubby are doing it together. You both will rock.
You did awesome on your run, good girl, keep going.
I'll be back to check in and see how you're doing.
Take care and and God Bless!!
And I too would love it for the Lord to pick me up and not feel any rough spots. Working on that.