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Thursday, January 6, 2011

First Week of 2011

It’s the first week of this new year.  Yes, I have a flair for the obvious!  So we are on plan this week.  The hubs has been struggling with hunger but he has been stickin’ to plan... such a good guy!  
Our first lean and green of 2011 was at Panda Express!  We had the steamed veggies and some of the lower calorie entrees.  Mine was the mushroom chicken.  It was very delish.  A real treat.
Here are a couple other lean and greens from this week.
I tried these new chicken meat balls I found at Costco.  They are low in carbs and high in protein and I figured we could have 8-10 each for our “Lean”.  Then I sauteed some red peppers and mushrooms to go with them.  The chicken meat balls have a tiny kick to them and left my mouth a little hot, but not too much for me to handle.  The hubs loved it and added hot sauce to his.  He loves that burn.
Tonight I had an old standard that I love:  Chicken salad with Walden Farms bacon ranch dressing.  Very satisfying!
This week has been a bit like being in limbo again, but it’s not too bad.  I’ve been stranded at home w/o a vehicle and had to find creative ways to get places.  The other day my daughter and I decided to just leave and we walked to the bus and rode to the theater and watched a matinee movie.  Then walked to the store and rode the bus back and walked home.  It was So Super COLD... but it was fun.  Not that I want to do that in the freezing cold again!  

Some of our same trials are creeping back in, like my husbands stress, and some of the things I struggle with, but that is to be expected and I can see blessings come through it all.  In fact, a huge blessing is coming this weekend.  I will have to post about that later.  Something SUPER cool!
I am excited at the thought of actually going into transition in a couple months and then to maintenance.  I am excited for our goals this year.  It feels like limbo right now but there are a lot of cool things ahead and I’m trying to keep it all in focus.
And I am enjoying SO many NSV.  I sometimes hate to share them with friends or family as it surely must get OLD to them, but it’s all so HUGE to me.  Here are a couple:  my watch is loose now and slipping farther up my arm all the time.  When I started in Feb. it was a bit too tight on me.  None of my rings fit anymore!  They all are either way too big or uncomfortably lose (mind you, these are just the cheap rings from Freddy’s and Claire’s... I am not into jewelry).  My favorite NSV is how the hubs responded to me several time during our Utah trip.  When he’d see me from a far and we’d  be walking to meet (like I’m coming out of the gas station and he’s going in), he would grab me and whisper in my ear “I love seeing you from afar, you look so amazing and then I realize you’re my wife!  You are so hot!” It seriously gave me chills when he tells me that.
So it’s about STAYING ON PLAN and KEEPING FOCUS and COUNTING BLESSINGS!  How is your first week going?


Retta said...

Awww... what a romantic thing for your Hubs to say!

Yes, keeping focused and consistent is my big emphasis.
Love seeing your before and after photos, they are amazing and so encouraging.


lynnss1 said...


I believe that 2011 will even more awesome for you, Brent and the kids than 2010. I'm back on the weightloss/exercise bandwagon starting Monday. Holiday eating really kicked my butt... or should I say broadened it!

You both look amazing and I know you'll persevere through the trial and tribulations of life!


Christine said...

Those comments from Hubby are GREAT!!!
So encouraging!

The Fat Mom said...

I teared up and your husband's comments. How adorable is that? As any woman, I'm sure you totally swoon over his amazingly beautiful words.

Can't wait to hear about your blessing.

ladyofthehouse said...

Great NSVs, especially the comments from your husband. How wonderful!!


Polar's Mom said...

Too cute hubs! So excited about the chicken meatballs-love me some hot food!

Polar's Mom

Lucy said...

I love NSV's! They make my world go round! You've got me at the end of my seat w/what your news is about.

My first week went great. I'm feeling pretty good, getting a bit of exercise in, clothes are fitting better, my hubby got paid tonight so we get to go grocery shopping (woohoo! I love grocery shopping... or rather stocking up w/my fav's).

All in all-pretty good. Here's to a great weekend!

Casey said...

How sweet! That's one NSV I'd love hearing from my hubby!

Michele said...

Your hubby sounds like a gem! I can feel your determination through your post. It is very exciting and i am very excited for you, both of you! Congrats on how far you have come!

Bring Pretty Back said...

What a sweet hubby!!!
I know... stress. UGH! That derails me off of my health and fitness.
I did get on the treadmill this morning. It felt good to do it!
I will be back on tomorrow morning.
I can NOT WAIT to hear what your big news is!
Have a pretty day!

Kinder said...

I think it is so great that you and your hubby are on this journey together! You can enjoy each other's hotness! I love your NSV's - bring em on!